Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sharpie Permanent Markers $3 shipped from Staples!

UPDATE: Bah! Received a cancellation email from Staples. Thought about calling, but a friend of mine called and talked to customer service and the man flat out refused to give her the promotional price. She mentioned they were in stock online and he said it didn't matter. Not on back order. Not on any order period. Nice. Now to tell my girly girl she won't be Sharpie-ing it up any time soon. And here I thought I was going to be cool to her for like a whole five minutes. 

UPDATE #2: Staples has contacted me via email and generously given me a $5 credit to my Staples account per pack of markers ordered. I did not request this, but appreciate it. I can say I am satisfied with this solution. As you can see my order only came to just over $6 so to get a $10 credit makes me happy. Hopefully this doesn't happen in the future. So check your email and see if you received the same compensation.

Quick! If you missed it the other day the Sharpies are back in stock at Staples. You can select either the fine tip or ultra fine tip. They will appear to be $8, but there is an automatic $5 coupon applied to your order for each set. I ordered two and with free shipping it cam to $6.30.  I also ordered mine through ShopAtHome to sweeten the deal.I know one 6th grader at my house that is going to be one happy camper.

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