Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Coupons! Get your coupons!

The latest and greatest:

Mission Tortillas
$0.75 off here. Sign up required.

BOGO coupon here.

Buitoni refrigerated sauce or pasta
$1/1 here. Sign up required.

Malt-O-Meal cereal
$0.75/1 here. Sign up required.

Carnation Instant Breakfast Essentials
$3/2 here.

Filippo Berio Olive Oil
$1/1 here. Smart source coupon prints immeditately so have your stuff ready!

Hefty trash bags
$1/1 here. Facebook coupon.

Country Crock
$0.40/1 here. Bricks coupon.

Keebler Baker's Treasures
$1/1 here.

V8 Fusion
$1/1 here. Need to give email adress.

Tresemme Fresh Start
$1/1 here. Bricks coupon. New link?

This week's shopping highlights.

This was a rather slow week shopping, but I have been so busy planning my upcoming vacation that I am pretty much strictly shopping for that instead of deal chasing.

I did two transactions. I spent more than usual, but I'm trying to get together my goods for my vacation next week. Order number one I got 4 Kraft dressings for better than free. They cost me $0.44 and then I got a Catalina for $3 OYNO. :) I bought 5 tomatoes, head of lettuce, 2 loaves of bread, Snapple 6 pack, Philly Mini Cream Cheeses, 2 packs/boxes of Philly Cream Cheese, 2 large Coffee-mate creamers, bagels, and 2 packs of YoPlus yogurt. All of the Philly items were better than free which took off $ on the rest of my order. Also free were both yogurts. I spent  $10.13 and saved $34.24. A 77% savings. I wanted to try and keep as much refrigerated items for the 2nd order as I go out to my car in between orders now. Order number two wasn't as thrifty as the first, but it was a savings of 54% so not bad not bad.  I had to get cat litter and cat food and Snapple is a higher priced no coupon item. On my way out I snagged a coupon book that we weren't lucky enough to receive in the mail so I added a few items to my second order. I got eggs for $0.68. Thomas English Muffins for $0.88. Fisher dry peanuts for $0.99. 2 free Lean Cuisines. 2 packs of Louis Rich Turkey Bacon for $1.50. A pineapple for $1.99....oh man they totally didn't scan my pineapple coupon. This totally means I paid $3.99 for a pineapple! Ugh! Well, I got 2 gallons Kemps milk for $3.I also used the Catalina coupon from my first order off this order. I was lucky enough to get a couple good coupons to print out from the magic Catalina machine. It better be one darn good pineapple. :P

Piggly Wiggly
I bought a birthday card. They always have 20% off for club card members.

Tomorrow starts a new week and I think I am going to hit up Double Daze at PNS. Happy shopping!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Feeling lucky?

I have always been a fan of entering sweeps, giveaways, you name it. I enter to win cakes from bakeries, trips from the grocery stores and one of the easiest ways to enter is right from the comfort of my own home. I heart online sweeps and giveaways. So many wonderful blogs and websites host sweeps and giveaways daily. I always like to share my favorites with friends, relatives and you guys.

Slice o' Heavenis giving away Tropical Traditions Organic Skin Exfoliator.  Learn more about Tropical Traditions here. Giveaway ends July 12.

is giving away a Keurig Special Edition Brewing System and one pack of K-Cups here. Giveaway ends July 21.

is giving away a SodaStream set. How cool would this be to in?! Make your own soda! Giveaway ends July 2 at midnight.

is giving away Little Duck Organics fruit snacks to one lucky winner. Ends July 11. Good luck!

Free shipping from Walmart on Luvs diapers.

You can get a big box of Luvs diapers sizes 1 through 6 shipped for free from Walmart. I am not sure if this is always the case with these diapers, but thought I'd pass it along. They should ship within one week of your order and if you really want you can select to pick up in store or get faster shipping for a maximum price of $1.97. I don't think the price for the larger sizes is wonderful, but if you need diapers and can't get out of the house or simply don't want to this is a good deal for you then.

$35.54 - $35.88
Size 1: 264 diapers
Size 2: 228
Size 3: 204
Size 4: 180
Size 5: 150
Size 6: 120

Sunday, June 27, 2010

How does your garden grow? Part 16: Strawberry Rhubarb Freezer Jam.

I had Rhubarb filling up every extra spot in both of my refrigerators. What's a girl to do? Make some freezer jam that's what. So I will admit I was always the kind of girl (er, lady) who thought that lazy people made freezer jam. Not I. Only people who weren't savvy in the kitchen made freezer jam. Not I. Boys and girls I was wrong! I am in love with freezer jam. Don't tell the hubby, but I am seriously sitting in a tree M-I-X-I-N-G. Freezer jam that is! Oh the shame. If you think about it you really could make freezer jam up in a tree. Hee hee. It's that simple.

First you gather your ingredients. You will need enough fruit to equal 4 cups. This is 4 cups of mashed fruit. Trust me, 4 cups of whole raspberries is a whole lot different than 4 cups of mashed. As you can see above I had a heaping measuring cup of strawberries and rhubarb. It filled both my 4 cup and 2 cup measuring cups. Heaping. And it was just the right amount after it was mashed. Now before you wonder how you mash rhubarb raw...you don't. You are going to cook it for a bit before adding it to the strawberries. Yet, you don't have to cook the berries. This is the best part about freezer jam. For the most part no cooking. This makes the jam taste fresh picked and saves a lot of the good for you stuff in them.

Strawberry Rhubarb Freezer Jam adapted from Nancy Baggett
2-3 cups mashed strawberries (A 4 cup measuring cup heaping full turned into almost 3 cups mashed.)
2 T fresh lemon juice
2 c sugar, divided
2 1/2 c diced rhubarb
1 box Ball No Sugar Needed Fruit Pectin
Place a few metal spoons in the freezer. You may need these to test the doneness later. Put mashed (As you can see I use a potato masher to keep mine chunky. Some use a processor) strawberries, 3/4 cup sugar and lemon juice in a large non reactive bowl. Mix it up.

Now put remainder of the sugar (1 1/4 cups) and box of pectin into a heavy duty non reactive pot. Mix well. Add 1/2 cup cold water. Stir well. Add rhubarb and stir to coat. You will bring this mixture to a boil over medium to medium high heat. You need to stir constantly. Have patience as this will take a bit. Once it is boiling and getting all nice and foamy keep stirring and time it out so the rhubarb is just tender. This will take roughly 4 minutes give or take. You'd rather it be a little under done as it will keep cooking even after you take it off the burner. Nancy gives a great tip about checking to see if the pectin is set up enough. Those spoons I told you to put in the freezer...go grab one. Put about a teaspoon onto the spoon and let it sit for about 20 seconds. Pour it back into your pan. Does it run right off or does it hang on for dear life to the spoon? If it's the latter that's what you want. If it's too runny cook it for a couple minutes longer checking after EVERY minute that goes passes. It will continue to thicken as it sits. Remove from heat and immediately put your strawberries into the pan. Stir for 2 to 3 minutes. Make sure you scrape the bottom to get it all mixed up evenly. If there is foam and it is bothering you aesthetically you can get rid of it by skimming it off with a spoon. It won't harm the outcome of your jam. Using your scooper of choice (large spoon, ladle, turkey baster....okay, maybe not a turkey baster, but hey ya never know!) place into sterilized jars or plastic freezer 'jars' or containers. Place the lids on and let stand for 30 minutes before putting into the fridge. After 24 hours you can place into the freezer up to 1 year or keep in the fridge for up to 3 weeks. And the end result. :)

HOT: Snapple 6 pack full rebate!

Awesome Snapple rebate! There are peelies on select Snapple 6 packs for a full refund. If you cannot find packs that have a peelie have no fear. You really don't even need a form. Just put the following info on an index card:

Snapple 6 Pack Rebate Offer
Phone Number/Email (Optional):
Flavor Purchased:

You will need the original dated receipt along with the UPC from each 6 pack. After you fill out your index card pop these bad boys - one per person in household - in one envelope and mail to the following address:

Snapple 6 Pack Rebate Offer
PO Box 40896
Houston, TX 77240

This is where I found this information. Thanks so much A Full Cup members! I'm assuming one per person means each index card needs to have a different name on it. :) To meet the requirements you need to have a receipt dated between 5/1 and 7/7 2010. You need to have sent in your rebate offer by 8/1 2010. In about 6 to 8 weeks you'll do the happy dance. The rebate check will cover the price of a 6 pack of Snapple up to $6.99. I'm pretty sure they will just send you the price you paid, but how cool will that be if you get a full $6.99!? Anyone know the answer to this? I haven't bought Snapple in a loooong time so this is a sweet deal! Pun....(enter dramatic long pause)....totally intended.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Piggly Wiggly deals 6/23 - 6/29.

These prices apply to Piggly Wiggly stores in the Midwest. See if your store is included here. Don't forget to print out your Online Exclusive Coupons. This week's coupons (for my area) are for $0.99, 16 oz. Salad Dressing or $0.99 5 to 6 oz. can Food Club Cooking Spray or Baking Spray. You can use both coupons when you spend $10. Since these are Pig coupons you can stack them with mfr. coupons too. My Piggly Wiggly (Little Chute) accepts IP (Internet Print) coupons up to $2.50. Yours may vary.

- Boneless Ribeye Steak $4.99/lb. Certified Angus Semi Boneless Ribeye Steak $6.99/Lb. Certified Angus Boneless Ribeye Steak $7.99/lb. 
- Fresh Pork Sirloin Roast $1.69/lb. No solution added.
- Sunchef 3 lb. bag Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $4.99.
- Country Style Pork Ribs  $1.49/lb. Boneless are $1.99/lb.
- Boneless Pork Sirloin Chops $1.99/lb.
- Brats, Rope or Italian Sausage $1.99/lb.
- Oscar Mayer Deli Shaved Turkey, Ham, Chicken or Roast Beef $3. $1/2 in 5/16 SS.
- T-Bone Steaks $3.99/lb. Family packs. Limit 3. Smaller sizes $4.19/lb. Menasha store only!

- Red Seedless Grapes $0.99/lb.
- Strawberries 1 lb. $1.50 each. Menasha store: $0.99 each! Limit 3.
- Green Bell Peppers $0.99/lb.
- Roma Tomatoes $1.29/lb.
- Chiquita Fruit or Snack Bites $1. $1/3 in 5/16 SS.

- Valutime cereals (Crisp Rice, Toasted Oats or Corn Flakes) $1.25.
- Valutime Stuffed Green Olives 15 oz. $2.99.
- Valutime Vegetable Oil 48 oz. $1.99.
- Food Club Gelatin or Pudding Mix $0.33.
- Food Club Cookies 8.5 to 16 oz. $1.99.
- Village Hearth Cottage White or Rye Bread BOGO.
- Post Cereals $1.99. Select Varieties. $2/1 here with sign up.
- Kellogg's Pop Tarts 3/$5. $1/2 in 6/13 RP.
- Food Club Dry Roasted Peanuts 16 oz. $1.99.
- Rinaldi Pasta Sauces $0.99. Limit 3.
- Dole Gel or Fruit Bowls $1.49 when you buy 2. $0.75/2 in 4/25 SS.
- Open Pit BBQ Sauce 18 0z. $0.69. Limit 2.
- 22-oz. Squeeze or 30-oz. Jar Hellmann's Mayonnaise $3.49. $0.75/1 here.
- Dove or Degree Deodorant $2.29. $1.25/1 both here. $1/1 Degree Ultraclear (if included in sale) here. $2/1 Dove here.
- Dial Basics Bar Soap 3 pack $0.99.
- Kotex Pads, Liners or Tampons $2.99. $1.50/2 Liners or Tampons or $2/2 Pads in 5/16 SS (ex: 6/27) $1/1 any U by Kotex in April issue All You.
- Right Guard Total Defense 5 Deodorant $2.99. $3/2 or $1/1 here.
- 120-Count Sheets, 44-oz. Ultra Softener or 50-oz. Bottle Purex Liquid Detergent $2.99. $1/1 here if Natural Elements is included.

- Food Club American Singles 12 oz. $0.99. Limit 2.
- Food Club Juice Pops $0.99. Limit 2.
- Valutime Frozen Vegetables $0.79.

- Coke, Sprite or Diet Coke 4/$11. When you buy 4. Menasha store: $1.99 each when you buy 4 with in ad coupon.
- Deans/Swiss Valley Flavored Milk half gallon Chocolate or Strawberry $1.49.
- Gatorade 32 oz. or Propel 24 oz. $0.99.

Don't forget to bring your green reusable Piggly Wiggly Bags to get a $0.05 discount per bag!

Friday, June 25, 2010

This week's shopping highlights.

I hit up Pick n Save for Double Daze. I needed cereal. What can I say?! PNS on Double Daze during a cereal sale is the place to be. :) I also went to Piggly Wiggly. Here's the best of:

Pick n Save
I did the buy 6 boxes get $10 off instantly and get a free gallon of milk and eggs. Sweet! I did two transactions. The cereal one first so I could use the milk and eggs coupon on my next order. I also bought flaked coconut, a loaf of white bread, Oreo Fudge Cremes, Louis Rich Turkey Bacon, two tomatoes, and a gallon of skim milk. Total came to $7.96 plus received my two coupons for milk and eggs. I tried a new tactic for multiple transactions. I only ever do two, but this time I went out to me car in between orders. I keep reading about etiquette and multiple transactions.

Order number two went horribly wrong. The second transaction I went to a different checker as they probably thought I was a weirdo for checking out again. LOL. This checker has given me some grief before. Not in attitude or anything. Just messing up my coupons. She's really nice too. I wasn't going to go in this lane, but she was free so....She only scanned 4 of my 5 coupons to double. So missed one there. Then she didn't scan either the milk or eggs coupons! That was like $5 worth of coupons between the milk and eggs alone. Grr. I was already in my driveway when I realized this. I was beat. I didn't want to go back and complain. I figured I got my cereal all for free so it was worth the trip anyway. I love Double Daze and don't want them to think it's not worth their time.  Anyhoo, I got 4 YoPlus yogurt for $0.79 each, 3 heavy whipping cream for $0.99 each, Old El Paso fajita seasoning for free, 2 Starkist tuna pouches for free, and DiGiorno Deep Dish mini pizza for free. I'm not even going to tell you what I spent for this transaction. :(

I went to Pig and got a couple things. I got a 24 pack of bottled water for $2.49. Dean's heavy whipping cream for $0.99. Gallon of milk for $1.99. They also sell natural potatoes that aren't sprayed with all those yucky chemicals for $1.09 (3 lbs.). Not an amazing price, but for being natural $0.36/lb isn't bad in my opinion. Anything amazing for you? Tomorrow I am hitting up Double Daze. I like to switch it up between my Wednesdays and Saturdays. Tomorrow is especially nice because it's Double Double Daze. They double 10 coupons instead of the normal 5. Here's to another week of shopping.

Barnes and Noble awesome clearance deals!

Barnes and Noble is having a summer stock up clearance sale. Up to 85% off regular price. Many as low as $1.99. Act fast as the popular titles go fast. You can see if your selection is available for in store pick up or if you spend $25 you can get free shipping. Here's a bunch of $1.99 books I saw. There were gobs more too.

- Little Green by Keith Baker $1.99. Explore colors and patterns with a zipping hummingbird in a new board book of a Keith Baker favorite!  A board book so no tearing of the pages!!
- Where Is Baby's Mommy? by Karen Katz $1.99. Is Mommy behind the chair? Is Mommy behind the plant? Join baby as he plays hide-and-seek with Mommy. The sturdy format and easy-to-lift flaps in this delightful interactive book are perfect for parents and children to share.
- Old Yeller by Fred Gipson. $1.99. This is a classic.
- Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Junior Novel by Perdita Finn, Chris Viscardi $1.99. Based on the movie.

Children - Reference & Study Aids
- The World Almanac for Kids Puzzler Deck: Science: Ages 9-11, Grades 4-5 by Lynn Brunelle $1.99.
- Toddler 411 : Clear Answers and Smart Advice for Your Toddler by Denise Fields, Ari Brown $1.99. With over 100,000 copies in print, Baby 411 is the country's fast-growing parenting series with legions of fans nationwide. Now, here comes the sequel: Toddler 411! From picky eaters to temper tantrums, Toddler 411 provides practical answers and advice from an award-winning pediatrician and mom who've been there, done that! I own the Baby Bargains by these two and I love it. :)

Infant and Toddler
- Baby Sign Language: For Hearing Babies by Karyn Warburton $1.99.

Teen-Fiction - The Truth about Forever by Sarah Dessen $1.99. When her boyfriend goes away for the summer, Macy, still grieving for her recently deceased father, must make it on her own. "Dessen gracefully balances comedy with tragedy and introduces a complex heroine worth getting to know," according to PW. Ages 12-up. Received many many rave reviews.
- Dreamland by Sarah Dessen $1.99. After her older sister runs away, sixteen-year-old Caitlin decides that she needs to make a major change in her own life and begins an abusive relationship with a boy who is mysterious, brilliant, and dangerous.
- Looking for Alaska by John Green $1.99. Teenager Miles chronicles his first year at boarding school. According to PW, "The novel's chief appeal lies in Miles's well-articulated lust (for Alaska, the title girl) and his initial excitement about being on his own for the first time." Ages 14-up. Winner of the 2006 Michael L. Printz Award
- Hattie Big Sky by Kirby Larson $1.99. An engaging historical novel portraying the challenges of a young woman homesteader attempting to define her ideas of home and friendship. Newberry Honor Book.

- Sun Stroked by Cathryn Fox $1.99. A brand-new erotic anthology about losing your inhibitions in paradise—from "the next queen of steamy romance."(USA Today bestselling author Julianne MacLean). Wowzas! :P

- Mrs. Kimble by Jennifer Haigh $1.99. In her masterful first novel Mrs. Kimble, Jennifer Haigh delivers the compelling story of three women who marry the same man- an enigmatic opportunist named Ken Kimble. Lots of good reviews.
- Knitting Under the Influence by Claire LaZebnik $1.99. When you're in your late twenties and nothing in your life seems to be falling into place, knitting is an awfully seductive way to spend your free time. After all, as long as you're following the instructions, you can knit row after row with the knowledge that the pattern will emerge and you'll end up with just what you wanted. Life, on the other hand, doesn't come with a stitch counter, so Kathleen, Sari, and Lucy, the heroines of KNITTING UNDER THE INFLUENCE, just have to figure things out as they go along.

General & Miscellaneous Biography
- Hope's Boy by Andrew Bridge $1.99. From a disastrous decade in foster care to Harvard Law School and beyond: this is the profoundly moving memoir of one boy who beat the system.

Alternative Medicine & Natural Healing
- Healing Your Child: An A-Z Guide to Using Natural Remedies by Francis Darragh, Louise Darragh Law. $1.99
- Instant Aromatherapy by Miriam Zellnik $1.99 Omigosh it has scratch and sniff!!! LOL.

Family Issues
- Few Good Eggs: Two Chicks Dish on Overcoming the Insanity of Infertility by Julie Vargo, Maureen Regan $1.99.

Diet and Nutrition
- The Best Life Diet by Bob Greene, Oprah Winfrey $1.99.
- Get with the Program! : Getting Real About Your Weight, Health, and Emotional Well-Being by Bob Greene, Sydny Miner $1.99.

Women's Bio.
- Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl by Tracy Quan $1.99. This sounds interesting to say the least.

Okay okay I could go on and on. I heart books. All sorts. Even an occasional e-book. I do prefer the stinky pages of old used books to the way my laptop smells, but that's just me. There are gazillions-yes ladies and gents-gazillions of more book on super clearance at the Barnes and Noble website. Go check it out. Let me know what ya got! :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Save A Lot specials 6/23 - 6/29. Little Chute location.

  • Whole Beef Tenderloin $3.99/lb. Will trim! Please call ahead for large orders. Great price + trimming is included. :)
  • Klement's Party Pack Brats, Beer Brats or Italian Sausage 2.5 lbs for $5.99.
  • Family Pack Ground Beef $1.69. Family Packs here are rather large. This seems to be a good price lately. Up from $0.99/lb a few months ago.
  • Oscar Mayer Lunch Meat (Ham or Turkey varieties) 10 oz. $1.50
  • Orv's Tasty Toppings pizzas 5 for $9.
  • Coke 20 pack 12 oz. cans $4.99.
  • Bananas $0.33/lb. Great price!
  • Potatoes 10 lb. bag $1.99.
  • On the vine tomatoes $1.49.
Visit Save A Lot's website to see more deals. The deals posted above are local to me, but may not be local to you. :) There are also great printable coupons on their site. Some aren't even specific to Save A Lot. Bring your own bags/boxes to save yourself some $ as Save A Lot charges you for bags, but you can use any of the boxes available for free. Save A Lot accepts cash, check, food stamps, credit and debit cards and WIC.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Coupons! Get your coupons!

Looks like these are going fast. There were more earlier and they are dwindling. I see three available now:
- $1/1 Keebler cookies.
- $1/1 Rice Krispies Treats.
- $1/1 Wheatables (this one seems to never go away!).

Philladelphia Cream Cheese
$1/1 here.

$1.25/1 non-stick foil
$1.25/1 wrap foil made from recycled aluminum
$1/1 parchment paper
$1/1 aluminum foil

$1/1 44 oz. jar here. Bricks coupon.

Del Monte Fruit Naturals
$1/4 here. Bricks coupon.

Hawaiian Tropic
$1/1 here.

David Sunflower Seeds
$1/2 or BOGO 14.5 oz. or 16 oz. here.

Lindsay Olives
$1/1 Re-closeables on Facebook.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Feeling lucky?

I have always been a fan of entering sweeps, giveaways, you name it. I enter to win cakes from bakeries, trips from the grocery stores and one of the easiest ways to enter is right from the comfort of my own home. I heart online sweeps and giveaways. So many wonderful blogs and websites host sweeps and giveaways daily. I always like to share my favorites with friends, relatives and you guys.

CAKE MOM is giving away a container of Tropical Traditions Oxygen Bleach. Winner will be picked June 25. Also being given away is Pear Tree Greetings Address Labels. Winner chosen June 30.

Photobucketis giving away a Seventh Generation Natural Baby Starter Kit. Giveaway ends June 27. Also being given away are Pear Tree Greetings Address Labels. Giveaway ends June 25.

is giving away Zevia Natural Soda. This stuff sounds exactly what we are looking for since we kicked the habit of buying soda! Giveaway ends July 2. Also being given away is Goats Milk Stuff Soap. This giveaway ends June 25 so hurry!

 is giving away 5 lbs. of Tropical Traditions Powdered Laundry Detergent $25.99  Value! Giveaway ends June 29. Also being given away is Lansinoh Diaper Rash Ointment. Giveaway ends June 28. One last good one is a Cuisinart 14 Piece Cutlery Set with Bonus Santoku Knife $153.99 value! Ends July 13 so you have some time to admire these bad boys before you win 'em. :)

My Coupon Lady is giving away $100 gift card to your grocery store of choice! Giveaway ends June 30.

is giving away a Kolcraft Contours Classique 3-in-1 Bassinet. Giveaway ends June 25! Also being given away is a Wilton Excelle Elite Non-Stick 12 Cup Muffin Pan and a Cupcakes 'N More 38 Count Large Dessert Stand. How fun! Giveaway ends June 23 so hurry.

The Crafty Nestis giving away an aiden + anais 4 pack of classic muslin swaddling blankets $44 value. Ends July 9. Also being given away is Baby Bunch Box of Four Organic Cupcake Onesies. Ends June 25 so hurry.
is giving away an Exergen TemporalScanner Thermometer. Giveaway ends June 24 so hurry up! Also being given away is a $40 gift certificate to 1-800-Flowers.com. Sweet! Ends June 29.

Thyme for Herbs is giving away a whole bunch of Garden Safe Botanical Insecticides plus a tote full of goodies! $100 value. Holy smokes! Ends June 30.

Skin MD Natural is giving away an amazing $300 4th of July Backyard BBQ Prize Pack! Holy smokes. I have some of this lotion and really like it. Go test your luck! :)
My Double Life is giving away a BPA free Baby Dipper Bowl for your babes. Need to be a Facebook fan to enter. Giveaway ends June 28.

Text to Win! Arby's 4th of July Catering.

Arby's is giving you the chance to win a Family Feast on the 4th of July. You can win 5 lbs. of their famous Roast Beef and 30 buns plus a condiment platter. Check here to see if your store is participating. How do you win?! Text FEAST to 27297. After texting you need to reply to the confirmation text with your zip code. No purchase or membership required. No fees, but standard text messaging rates apply. Enter by June 29. Winner chosen June 30.

If you do not win you still can get their Catering Special for $5/lb. Roast Beef  instead of the usual $6.96/lb. They want you to call ahead a day and your order has to be at least 5 pounds. This special price is valid in July.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Tropical Traditions free ground shipping today only (lower 48 states)!

Tropical Traditions is having a one day special. Free ground shipping on any order through midnight on June 21. There is one exception. Free shipping does not apply to refrigerated or frozen items, eggs, or to rebounders which are shipped by the manufacturer. Enter coupon code 21610 in your cart before checking out. You need to enter the code to get the free shipping.

A couple other specials they have going right now:

Through Thursday, June 24 Organic Coconut Cream Concentrate is BOGO. Not only is it BOGO it is half price right now so the deal is doubly good. Regular price is $32, but right now you can get two for $16!  http://www.tropicaltraditions.com/coconut_cream_concentrate.htm?s=e62110

35% off Organic Coconut Flour through Sunday, June 27.  http://www.tropicaltraditions.com/organic_coconut_flour.htm?s=e62110

40% off Organic Moisturizing Creams through Sunday, June 27. Choose from the following varieties: Unscented, Baby Silk, Lavender, Peppermint, Citrus, and Arnica (for muscle massages).  http://www.tropicaltraditions.com/organic_moisturizing_creams.htm?s=e62110

50% off Organic Peanut Butter through Sunday, June 27. http://www.tropicaltraditions.com/organic_coconut_peanut_butter.htm?s=e62110

I am a huge Tropical Traditions fan. If you haven't tried any of their products I think you should go check them out and try something. It doesn't have to be some crazy ingredient you've never cooked with. It could be something simple like their deodorants or palm shortening (think Crisco) or laundry detergent. :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

How does your garden grow? Part 15: Natural pest control.

I love gardening. It could be flowers or fruits and vegetables. I love it all. What I don't love is all the hard work you have to put into flowers and produce. There are so many critters and insects working against you. There are many products on the market to help, but contain lots of nasty chemicals that you may not want absorbed into your plants or ending up as run off . Here are some ideas that you can do yourself.

- Spray diluted milk onto leaves of the plants that have powdery mildew. Do this 3x a week.
- Deer hate highly scented bar soap. Hang or nail near your problem spots. They also don't like the scent of human hair. Get some from your barber or hair salon.
- To get rid of aphids mix 1 cup vegetable oil with 1 cup water and 1 tablespoon heavy dish soap. Not detergent. Spray away the whole plant.
- Slugs are attracted to beer. If you put out a little dish with beer they will all dive in and die. Change daily. Eggshells smashed on your garden floor also deter pests including slugs. Would you like to crawl over broken eggshells? I didn't think so.
- To get rid of weeds you can boil water and pour directly on the weeds. Salt works well for weeds found in cracks. Don't pour in or around your garden as salt doesn't know the difference between a friend and a foe. Vinegar straight up is also handy at killing new weeds. Not strong enough to kill mature weeds.
- Ground cloves are not insect friendly. Mix 2 tablespoons of ground cloves with 1 quart of water. Spray the whole darn plant. Tops and bottoms. Reapply after it rains or once a week.
- Hot pepper spray: Mix 2 tablespoons of cayenne pepper or ground chile (NOT chili powder!) powder with 4 ground up garlic cloves. Add 4 cups of water to your spicy mixture. Let soak over night and strain the garlic out. Pour into a spray bottle and have at it.
- Water your garden early in the day as wet leaves are a breeding ground for insects. My vote is for soaker hoses.
- Ladybugs are your garden's BFF. You can order them online or from any catalog. You can also plant some lady bug lovin plants such as flowers from the daisy, yarrow or tansy families. Lady bugs eat soo many garden enemies.
- To kill grubs in your garden or lawn sprinkle milky spore around. One application last a lifetime. So I've heard. Grubs eat the granules and die. Grubs are baby Japanese Beetles. Eeek!
- So the fungus on your squash goes into the local garden bar, Your Place, with one of your onion sets. The bartender brings the onion a beer and ignores the fungus. He leans over to the onion and says " He's not going to serve me? What gives? I'm a fungi!" Oh man. You didn't see that a comin did ya?! LOL Ha ha ha ha. Anyhoo, you can avoid this whole conundrum by mixing 2 tablespoons baking soda with 1 quart of water. Spray diseased area until it clears. 
- You may not have thought this was the place, but fly paper works wonders out in the garden.

Hopefully these do the trick for you this summer. These recipes/tips will save you money and the Earth. I'm having a few issues with something eating the leaves on my cauliflower and zucchini. Hopefully my recipes do the job. Do you have any recipes/tips to share?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Petz/Sargento MooTown $5 Rebate.

If you purchase one package of Sargento MooTown or JR Dippers and one Ubisoft video game of the brand Petz (offer available on Petz Nursery, Petz Hamsterz Superstarz, Petz Dogz Talent Show, and Petz Dolphinz Encounter) you can send in for a $5 rebate. Go here to download the pdf. Purchases must be made between May 1 and August 31, 2010.

*I'm not sure what the deal is lately, but whenever I schedule a post to be published it isn't being published. Hmm. Good thing I checked tonight.  I'm always thinkin' about you guys ya know. :) I've been gone all day and was just making pies. Yes, making pie at 10 pm. LOL.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Piggly Wiggly deals 6/16 - 6/22.

These prices apply to Piggly Wiggly stores in the Midwest. See if your store is included here. Don't forget to print out your Online Exclusive Coupons. This week's coupons (for my area) are for $0.49, 4.5 to 8.4 oz. Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad or Hamburger/Tuna/Chicken Helper or $0.39 15.5 oz. Food Club Sloppy Joe Sauce. You can use both coupons when you spend $10. Since these are Pig coupons you can stack them with mfr. coupons too. My Piggly Wiggly (Little Chute) accepts IP (Internet Print) coupons up to $2.50. Yours may vary.

4 Day Sale! Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. June 17, 18, 19 and 20.
- Supreme Choice 1 lb. 31/40 ct. EZ Peel Shrimp $3.99.
- 24 pack, Half Liter Bottles Absopure Spring Water $2.49. Limit 3.
- 40 oz. Bottle Food Club Ketchup $0.99. Limit 3.
- 9.5 to 10 oz. Bag Ruffles Potato Chips BOGO Free.
- 15.7 to 16.6 lb. Bag Kingsford Charcoal Briquets $5.99. Limit 1.
- In the bag (untrimmed) Whole Beef Tenderloin $4.99/lb. Trimmed or Regular or Butterfly steaks $6.99/lb.
- 16 oz. pack Farmland Jumbo Franks $0.79. Beef or Cheese Franks $2.99.
- 8 count Piggly Wiggly Hot Dog or Hamburger Buns 3/$2.
- 28 oz. Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce $1.69. $1/1 in 5/23 SS.
- 2.75 to 3 lb. Reser's Salads (near deli) $2.99. $1/2 here.


- 9 to 10 oz. Vlasic Relish BOGO ($1.79).  $0.55/1 here. Click on coupon. Prints immediately. Unaware if Pig lets you use 2 coupons on a BOGO. I have never tried as PNS/Copps does not.
- Post Cereal $1.80 each. Select varieties. $2/1 here. Sign up required. Use this coupon on Rasin Bran, Grape Nuts and Shredded Wheat.
- Oscar Mayer Deli Creations, Cracker Combinations and Lunchables $0.99. Select Varieties. $1/1 Deli/Cracker in 5/16 SS. $1/1 Deli Creations here. $1/1 Deli/Cracker in May issue All You.
- Peaches $0.69/lb.
- Pineapple $1.99 each.
- Piggly Wiggly brand gallon milk. 1%, 2% or Skim. $1.99.
- Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad or Hamburger/Tuna/Chicken Helper $0.99. $0.50/2 Suddenly Salad  and $0.75/3 Helper here.
- 12 to 20 oz. French's Mustard $1.49. Select Varieties. $0.50/1 here.
- 16 oz. Pace Picante Sauce $2.09. $0.60/2 in 5/2 SS.
- Betty Crocker Cake Mix $0.99. Betty Crocker Frosting $1.50. Buy 1 cake and 1 Frosting save $0.50 here.
- Old Orchard Apple Juice Cocktail or 100% Apple Juice $1.69. $0.50/1 here.
- Coke 2 Liters $1.00.
- 24 oz. Contessa Beef, Chicken or Shrimp Kits $5.99. $1/1 in June and July issue All You.
- Starbucks VIA 8 count pack $6.99. $1/1 here.

If I find some more great deals I will update this. Let me know if I missed anything. Happy Shopping!

Don't forget to bring in your reusable green bags to get $0.05 back.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Save A Lot specials 6/16 - 6/22. Little Chute location.

This week at Save A Lot:

  • Bone-In Country Style Ribs $1.29/lb. (Family Pack).

  • Johnsonville Brats, Beer Brats or Italian Sausage 19.76 oz. pack $3.29.

  • Chicken Leg Quarters 10 lb. bag $4.80.
  • Pepsi 24-pack 12 oz. cans $5.99.
  • Bananas $0.33/lb.
  • Globe Grapes or Seedless Red Grapes $0.99/lb.
  • Lettuce $0.79 each.
  • Peaches, Plums or Nectarines $0.88/lb.
  • Watermelon $3.49. Slices $0.69/lb.
  • Cherries $1.99/lb.

Visit Save A Lot's website to see more deals. The deals posted above are local to me, but may not be local to you. :) There are also great printable coupons on their site. Some aren't even specific to Save A Lot. Bring your own bags/boxes to save yourself some $ as Save A Lot charges you for bags, but you can use any of the boxes available for free. Save A Lot accepts cash, check, food stamps, credit and debit cards and WIC.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Coupons! Get your coupons!

Here's the latest and greatest:

KC Masterpiece
$1/1 here. Bricks coupon.

$1/1 here. Bricks coupon.

Earthbound Farm
$0.75/1 Organic Baby Spinach here.

$2/1 Lubriderm product here. (Excluding 1.3 and 3.3 oz lotions.) Sign up required.

$1/1 here.

$0.50/4 here.

Bacardi Mixers
$1/3 here. Bricks coupon.

Soft Scrub
$0.75/1 here.

Skinny Cow
$1/1 here. Facebook coupon.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This week's shopping highlights.

I went to Pick N Save, Piggly Wiggly and Save A Lot for groceries. I did a quick stop at Walgreens for a couple items. Here's the highlights:

Piggly Wiggly:
Pig was having a Truckload Produce sale outside in their parking lot. I got a couple good deals. The rest of the produce prices weren't super amazing.
- Kiwi $0.25 each. I snagged 20! LOL. I was a jam making fool. :)
- Green Beans $0.89/lb.
- Dean's 2% milk $1.74 for a gallon.
- Marzetti's Hummus $1.99 each. That's 50% off.

Save A Lot
- Blackberries (6 oz.) $1.00 each. I snagged 5 to make jam.
- Bananas $0.33/lb.

- Listerine Whitening mouthwash $1.66 and I sent in for a $10 gift card so this should be a $7.90 moneymaker. I'm crossing my fingers. I figure my earnings after taxes and the stamp. Yes I am a dork, but I like to be exact. :P

I went and participated in Double Daze this week since it was Double Double Daze where you were able to double 10 mfr. coupons instead of the normal 5. This is what I got:
- Kashi granola bars (OMG the Mocha Almond is awesome!) $0.50.
- Starbucks VIA 3 pk. $0.50.
- 4 Lean Cuisine for FREE!
- Louis Rich Turkey Bacon $0.50.
- 2 Suave shampoo/conditioner for better than FREE. I actually made $0.68!
- 3 packs of strawberries for $4.50. I received a $2 catalina toward a future purchase of produce so theoretically this cost me $2.50. That's like paying $0.83 a pack!
- Kraft 100 calorie pack cheese for FREE.
- 2 8th Continent Soy Milk for FREE.
- $0.05 bag refund.
At PNS I spent $4.21 and saved $42. 08. I didn't even have to use any free product coupons. :) I just doubled 10 $1 coupons. How did you do? Well Wednesday starts a new week of savings. Happy saving!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Feeling Lucky?

 is giving away a box of Baby Bunch Organic Cupcakes. Ends June 17.

Frugal Finds 4 Moms is giving away a set of Rainbow Dippy Cups. Ends June 14 at midnight so hurry!

My Kinda Rain

is giving away a 32oz jar of Tropical Traditions Gold Label Coconut Oil. Ends June 21. Also being given away is a prize of Nature Valley Chewy Granola Bars plus Sam's Club gift card! This giveaway ends June 28.

is giving away a 2.2 lbs. bag of Tropical Traditions Organic Coconut Flour to one reader. Ends June 19. Learn more about Tropical Traditions here.

is giving away a Keurig Special Edition Home Brewing System. Learn more about Keurig here. Giveaway ends July 5. Also being given away is a Delta faucet for kitchen or bath faucet up to $300! Find out more about Delta faucets here. Giveaway ends June 28. One last giveaway here is for a complete $180 set of the Wilton UltraGold Bakeware line. Learn more about Wilton here. Giveaway ends June 21.

Blog Button is giving away a box of Truvia Natural Sweetner. Giveaway ends June 18.

 is giving away an awesome pet friendly Hoover Wind Tunnel T-Series Pet Rewind vac. I so need this! Giveaway ends July 12. Good luck!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

How does your garden grow? Part 14: Tomato plants!

Oh man do I wish my tomatoes looked like that right now! I can barely remember what a garden fresh tomato tastes like. The ones we get from our local grocery store are not like garden tomatoes lol. By garden tomatoes I mean that they have this fresh tomato smell and are so juicy when you cut into them the insides pour out all over your cutting board. The texture of the tomato is indescribable. The tomatoes from the store have to be shipped from point A to point B and they have lots of meassures they take so they aren't rotten when you buy them. These meassures make for not the tastiest tomatoes in my book.

If you haven't planted your tomato plants I would do so very soon.  Most varieties have an extremely long growing season. Or maybe it just feels that way! Here's some tips that I want to pass along when planting /caring for your tomato plants.

- Tomato plants need full sun. Plan out your spot accordingly.
- When digging your hole place your tomato plant sort of sideways. Say what?! I mean lay it down like it is tired. It will sprout roots the whole length of stem you cover with dirt. This has been known to be great for people with a shorter growing season. If it makes you feel better another option is to stand it upright like you think you are supposed to (hee hee), but dig the hole real deep until the bottom set of leaves is touching the ground. Doesn't it already have enough established roots? Why do we want more roots? More roots equals a happy tomato plant. It will get more food easier and it will be grr stronger
- Now that your maters are in the ground you need to keep them evenly watered. Tomatoes don't like water on their foliage. I go the soaker house route. And not those green flat ones that grandma had. Mine is a permiable rubber so it drips out everywhere. This saves on water lost through evaporation from the hot summer sun. And no more changing the setting on your sprinkler every 15 minutes because what you thought was good was really just a slight breeze pushing your spray of water further. My neighbors must have thought I was a nut job. I would change my sprinkler daily. Really I'm not kidding. Thank goodness I came to my senses.
- Prevent cutworms by putting a makeshift collar aound the base of your plant. Old deli/sour cream/cottage cheese/yogurt containers work well as do strips of cardboard. Anything to make a collar around the stem. Cutworms like to eat the stems.
- Tomatoes like to snack on a mixture of  1/2 can of beer (cheers to the other 1/2!), 1/2 cup ammonia, 1/2 cup baby shampoo, 1/2 cup liquid fertilizer, 1/2 cup molasses. Add 1/2 of this mixture to a 5 gallon bucket. Apply to the ground area of your tomato plants (and your whole garden!) Apply every three weeks. Thank you Jerry Baker. :)
- Stake or cage your tomatoes that need support.
- Mulch greatly keeps in the moisture.  

I will update you with any other tips I have!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Dirty Dozen and Clean 15.

Did you arrive here for the Green Blog Hop? You are in the right place! Read a little about eating healthy food below and then go here to link up.

If you avoided the fruits and vegetables on the Dirty Dozen list you could reduce ingesting pesticides by 80%! Fruits and vegetables have many pesticides on them that cannot be washed away or peeled away. Some more than others.

The Dirty Dozen is a list of 12 fruits and vegetables that have the highest amount of pesticides. The Environmental Working Group is a non profit organization bringing you helpful information like the Dirty Dozen list. In 2010 the Dirty Dozen list was updated. The items removed (lettuce and pears) have had their pesticide levels reduced enough to take them off of the list. The levels aren't low enough to be put onto the Clean 15, but they are better than years past. The best way to avoid loads of pesticides is to only buy produce off of the Clean 15 list that isn't organic and avoid produce from the Dirty Dozen unless it is organic. Buying all organic is a great choice too if you can afford it. And try to make it local organic. I also want to note that neither of these lists include any information about hormones or antibiotics
Dirty Dozen
Get a pocket version of this guide here. It's a PDF.

  1. Celery - Up from the number 4 spot since last year. Yikes. Celery has zero, zip, nada protection. Up to 67 pesticides! Definitely buy organic. No ifs ands or buts about it.

  2. Peaches - This delicate fleshed fruit ranked number 1 last year. Peaches can contain between 62 to 67 pesticides. Not good. Not good at all. Canned peaches only contain 3 pesticides due to a different  variety grown for canning.

  3. Strawberries - Up from the number 6 spot since last year. Strawberries are another delicate skinned fruit. Strawberries can contain up to 59 pesticides! Can be worse when imported where regulations aren't as strict as in the USA.

  4.  Apples - Just think about all of the ways we love apples. Apple juice, apple sauce, and straight out of hand. Kids eat a lot of apples. It's one of the main fruits we buy right next to bananas and grapes. Apples are laden with as many as 64 or more pesticides. Apples were in the number 2 spot last year.

  5. Blueberries - Blueberries are new to the Dirty Dozen which saddens me. This year they contain up to 52 pesticides. Try eating frozen if you must. They contain a little under half of the amount of pesticides. Averaging around 21 pesticides.

  6. Nectarines - Nectarines can contain as many as 33 pesticides. Not as bad as peaches, but still pretty darn bad. Not a very healthy choice, but canned peaches only contain roughly 3 pesticides.

  7. Bell Peppers - Down from the number 3 spot peppers can contain up to 49 pesticides. Are you seeing a trend with soft skinned fruit and vegetables?

  8. Spinach - Spinach wasn't on either list last year. It wasn't bad enough to be a Dirty, but wasn't good enough to be a Clean. It was an inbetweener. Now it ranks in spot 8! What a difference a year can make. It can contain 48 pesticides. Ick. Canned spinach contains less than a 1/4 of the pesticides, but now canned spinach is so far from being leafy green spinach that I'll leave it up to you if you want to go that route.

  9. Kale - Kale was in the number 8 spot last year so it has dropped one spot. I'd hardly call that progress. Surprisingly Kale is disease and pest resistant and yet has 55 pesticides.

  10. Cherries - Dropping from the number 7 spot from last year, cherries can contain up to 42 pesticides. Even local cherries were know to contain three times the amount of pesticides than those imported. Yikes. I hate to say it, but I love love love Rainier Cherries. They are my fave and I never ever buy them. First because of pesticides and second the price. Looking for a tart alternative try cranberries.

  11. Potatoes - Just think about the many many ways to prepare potatoes. The number one way that comes to my mind is FRENCH FRIES! Just think about how many pounds of mashed, fried and baked potatoes you eat each year. I've seen a range of numbers from 120 all the way up to 140 for pounds consumed each year for Americans. Just think of all of the pesticides. Oh man. Potatoes weren't on the Dirty list last year, but makes an appearance this year. It can contain up to 37 pesticides. A healthier option if you cannot get organic is Sweet Potatoes.

  12. Grapes (Imported) - Down from the 10 spot, imported grapes contain as many as 34 pesticides. No matter how much you rinse and repeat they will still contain these bad guys. Kids love grapes and so do many adults. I try to only buy grapes when the bag doesn't say Mexico or Chile. If you really need a grape fix, grape juice only contains 13 pesticides. Or better yet is orange juice with 9 pesticides.We try not to drink much juice in our house, but sometimes juice is great with a big Sunday morning breakfast.
Dishonorable Mentions:
- Meat is a huge part of the Western diet. How many meals a week do you eat that your protein has less than four legs? Or even two for that matter. Don't feel bad. We are a meat eating household too. We eat quite a bit of soy that looks like meat, though. Beef muscle is pretty free of chemicals, but beef fat on the other hand is contaminated with as many as 10 pesticides. Pork is a little better with as many as 8 pesticides in the fat and 3 in the muscle. Poultry appears to contain the most pesticides in the thigh meat with 8 being found. Oddly enough the fat of poultry seems to be fine unlike that of beef or pork. Let's not forget about medications given to the animals we get our meat from. Cows given antibiotics aren't allowed to have their milk sold for human consumption so that milk sometimes ends up being fed to other baby cows (think veal) and there is no law against that. I could go on and on.
- Milk has been contaminated with at least 12 different pesticides. Cows are fed mostly grain and that grain was most likely grown using pesticides. Cows are also injected with growth hormones so they produce more. One you may have heard of rBGH. Maybe you have seen milk caps saying their dairy doesn't use this growth hormone. This is a very controversial topic, but I believe is very important as children start drinking cow's milk as early as one year old. That's a lifetime of growth hormones being consumed. I admit I do not buy organic milk 100% of the time, but when I don't I make sure the milk is hormone free and local. When drinking organic milk be advised that not all will contain Vitamin D.
- Greens are loaded with pesticides. This may bother you the next time you go to make that healthy salad. Surprisingly they are loaded with 51 pesticides yet were taken off of the Dirty list. Hmm. Greens were not added to the Clean list either. They are somewhere in the middle and should be bought organic when affordable.
- Carrots were taken off the Dirty list this year, but have been there more than once in the past. They contain 26 pesticides. I have found that organic carrots aren't that much more per pound in price. Looking for a better alternative? Try sweet potatoes or corn on the cob.
- Tomatoes have an on again off again relationship with both the Dirty and Clean lists. This is another one that you should buy organic if your budget allows.
- Pears ranked number 12 on the Dirty List last year, but now have been taken off. They still contain 28 pesticides so it would probably be in your best interest to buy organic when affordable.
Want to know more about what's on your food? Here's a nice site devoted to keeping you in the know.

Find out what's on your food at: whatsonmyfood.org

Now that I have you all freaked out about chemicals and pesticides and turning poor because you are trying to eat organic....Take a deep breath and know that there are 15 Clean fruits and vegetables that are safe eaten without buying organic.
Clean 15

  1. Onions

  2. Avocado

  3. Sweet Corn

  4. Pineapple

  5. Mango 

  6. Sweet Peas

  7. Asparagus

  8. Kiwi

  9. Cabbage

  10. Eggplant

  11. Cantaloupe

  12. Watermelon

  13. Grapefruit

  14. Sweet Potato

  15. Honeydew Melon
Want the whole kit and caboodle? Visit the Environmental Working Group here. None of this information is to scare you out of eating your daily servings of fruits and vegetables. It's just to make you aware of what you are putting in your bodies. It's better to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables than to eat none because you cannot afford organic. Any step you can take is better than doing nothing. Maybe pick the number one bad fruit or vegetable you eat the most of and make a goal of buying it organic from now on. Baby steps. :) I hope I have helped you on your journey to a healthier you. I'm still working on it too.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Piggly Wiggly deal 6/9 - 6/15.

These prices apply to Piggly Wiggly stores in the Midwest. See if your store is included here. Don't forget to print out your Online Exclusive Coupons. This week's coupons (for my area) are for $0.49, 13 to 14.4 oz. Pillsbury Brownie Mix or $0.49 3.8 to 6.9 oz. Rice-A-Roni or Pasta-Roni. You can use both coupons when you spend $10. Since these are Pig coupons you can stack them with mfr. coupons too. My Piggly Wiggly accepts IP (Internet Print) coupons up to $2.50. Yours may vary.

Truckload Sale:

- Farmland Fresh Preferred Natural Pork Steak $1.99 lb.
- Certified Angus Beef - Twin Pack Boneless Rump or Bottom Round Roast $1.99 lb.
- Fresh Chicken Leg Quarters- 10 lb. $0.49 lb.
- Farmland Fresh Preferred Natural Semi-Boneless Pork Shoulder Roast $1.79 lb.
- Sliced or Shaved Cooked Ham from the deli $1.99 lb.
- Oscar Mayer Bologna 12 oz. $0.99. $1/2 in 5/16 SS.
- 6-oz. Package Butterball Turkey Bacon $0.99 ea., when you buy 3
- Fresh Green Cabbage $0.49 lb.
- Extra Large Red Seedless Grapes $0.99 lb. (Imported from Mexico)
- Sweet - Juicy Southern Peaches $0.99 lb.
- Fresh - Bunch Cilantro $0.50.
- Sweet Athena Cantaloupe $2.50.
- Wisconsin Russet Potatoes 8 lb. 2 for $1.89, when you buy 2.
- Marzetti Hummus Veggie Dip on mark down for quick sale. $1.99 $0.50/1 in 5/23 SS.
- Kellogg's cereals (select varieties) $2. $1/2 here. $1/2 and $1.50/3 here.
- Package Ronzoni Smart Taste or Healthy Harvest Pasta $0.99 $1/1 in May issue Better Homes and Gardens. $1/1 in May issue Family Circle. $1/1 in April issue Parents. $0.75/1 here. Sign up required.
- SoBe Lifewater or Snapple $1.00. BOGO SoBe here. BOGO Snapple here.
- Grande Tortilla Chips 13 oz. $2.50. $1/1 in 4/18 SS.
- Food Club Steamin' Easy Vegetables 16 oz. $0.99.
- Organic Valley Milk 64 oz. $3.49. $0.75/2 here.
- 1%, 2%, Skim or 1% Chocolate Dean's or Swiss Valley Gallon Milk $2.29.
- Yoplait YoPlus and Yoplait Fiber One Yogurt $2. $1/1 here.

Don't forget to bring in your Piggly Wiggly reusable bags to get a $0.05 discount! Happy Saving!! :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

FREE sample of all Oxi-Active Laundry Detergent.

Get your free sample of all Oxi-Active Laundry Detergent here. I have used all Free and Clear ever since I read in Consumer Reports that it was one of their Consumer Best Buys a few years back. So I am a fan of all Laundry Detergent. Thanks Thrifty Wifey!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Save A Lot specials 6/9 - 6/15. Little Chute, WI location.

This week at Save A Lot:

  • Ground Beef Family Packs $1.69/lb. Seems it's not going below this price lately here.
  • Pork Steak Family Packs $1.29/lb.
  • Ribeye Family Packs $4.99/lb.
  • Oscar Mayer Lunch Meats (Ham and Turkey-10 oz. packs) $1.50.
  • Bananas $0.33/lb. Pretty good deal!
  • Lettuce $0.79 each.
  • Blackberries (6 oz. packs) $1. Pretty good deal!
  • Cherries $1.99/lb. Pretty good deal!
  • Russet Potatoes (10 lbs.) $1.99.
  • Athena Melons ( melon resembling cantaloupe, but sweeter, firmer and more oval shaped) $2.

Visit Save A Lot's website to see more deals. The deals posted above are local to me, but may not be local to you. :) There are also great printable coupons on their site. Some aren't even specific to Save A Lot. Bring your own bags/boxes to save yourself some $ as Save A Lot charges you for bags, but you can use any of the boxes available for free. Save A Lot accepts cash, check, food stamps, credit and debit cards and WIC.