Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This week's shopping highlights.

This was a rather slow week shopping, but I have been so busy planning my upcoming vacation that I am pretty much strictly shopping for that instead of deal chasing.

I did two transactions. I spent more than usual, but I'm trying to get together my goods for my vacation next week. Order number one I got 4 Kraft dressings for better than free. They cost me $0.44 and then I got a Catalina for $3 OYNO. :) I bought 5 tomatoes, head of lettuce, 2 loaves of bread, Snapple 6 pack, Philly Mini Cream Cheeses, 2 packs/boxes of Philly Cream Cheese, 2 large Coffee-mate creamers, bagels, and 2 packs of YoPlus yogurt. All of the Philly items were better than free which took off $ on the rest of my order. Also free were both yogurts. I spent  $10.13 and saved $34.24. A 77% savings. I wanted to try and keep as much refrigerated items for the 2nd order as I go out to my car in between orders now. Order number two wasn't as thrifty as the first, but it was a savings of 54% so not bad not bad.  I had to get cat litter and cat food and Snapple is a higher priced no coupon item. On my way out I snagged a coupon book that we weren't lucky enough to receive in the mail so I added a few items to my second order. I got eggs for $0.68. Thomas English Muffins for $0.88. Fisher dry peanuts for $0.99. 2 free Lean Cuisines. 2 packs of Louis Rich Turkey Bacon for $1.50. A pineapple for $1.99....oh man they totally didn't scan my pineapple coupon. This totally means I paid $3.99 for a pineapple! Ugh! Well, I got 2 gallons Kemps milk for $3.I also used the Catalina coupon from my first order off this order. I was lucky enough to get a couple good coupons to print out from the magic Catalina machine. It better be one darn good pineapple. :P

Piggly Wiggly
I bought a birthday card. They always have 20% off for club card members.

Tomorrow starts a new week and I think I am going to hit up Double Daze at PNS. Happy shopping!

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