Saturday, September 1, 2012

Thank you Pinterest: I don't own a cherry pitter, but I do own a straw.

I love cherries. I have really been diggin' cherry season. I live close to a county known for their cherry goodness. Good ole Door County, WI. Oh how I love that county. Um, yeh. I feel like I am telling the world I am in love with my Justin Bieber poster. That I don't really have......Hee hee.

One thing I am not in love with is pitting cherries. Cherry pitter. That's not a good name. It doesn't flow off my tongue like I'd like it too. I've always wanted a cherry pitter, but realize that it would sit in my cupboards for almost ten out of twelve months. Not cool at all. Thank goodness Pinterest is here to save the day. ;)

I didn't pin this idea because it was so simple that I didn't need a reference. Now I am a little sorry that I didn't. I cannot give credit to the nice little mister or misses that demonstrated this....tutorial? I guess it's a tutorial. Yes, it's a tutorial. So if you talked about a straw from your reusable coffee tumbler and it was blue. This is all YOU :)

This is so easy it's ridic. You know it's amazeballs when I bust out the teen talk. My thirty year old self wants to trip the teen in me. Nice. Anyhoo, let's get on with it.

1. Find some completely staged cherries that just happen to fall beautifully out of your hardly ever used wooden bowl onto a tablecloth that only sees the light of day when the children are nowhere to be found. Then bathe those bad boys. While they are bathing grab your handy dandy straw. Now you need to use one of those heavy duty straws that come with things like reusable coffee tumblers. If you try this with a bendy straw you will end up angry. And let me tell you something else. This is extremely messy. You might will end up with red fingers for part of the day so maybe do this when you have nothing better to do than take pits out of cherries. 

2. I'm not so good at taking pictures with cherry juice running down my arms so I skipped taking a picture of this step. Remove stems. Now take your straw and gently push it into the stem side. Give it a little wiggle. Just so it punctures the skin. Then turn it over and do the same for the tush (bottom) of the cherry. Now push that straw all the way through (tush side) while holding firmly onto the cherry. Holding onto it with a firm hand assures that the cherry will not escape. You lose less cherry 'meat' if you push through the tush side versus the stem side. If you enjoy pitting cherries and don't care if you are wasting the insides, then by all means, push it through whichever side you want. Top, bottom, left side, right side. Go nuts. If you want the most cherry for your effort push it through the bottom. See tush sounds much better :) 

Look at that beauty....

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