Sunday, April 3, 2011

Seasonal Sunday: April showers bring May flowers.

Oh my gawd. Oh my gawd. Oh my gawd. Thunderstorms and rain! YES!! I heart a good thunderstorm. I love it when the lights go out. I love getting the candles ready just in case (because candles are so much cooler than flashlights). I love counting the seconds between the lightning and the thunder to see how accurate the weather people are. I especially love listening to the rain pour down on the tin roof at our cottage. I heart the smell of rain. I love the disappearing snow. I love that things are slowly turning green. I love searching for rainbows. I love it when the sun is shining and it starts to rain. That is so pretty.

Yes, there are things I don't care for too. My dog doesn't grasp the concept of thunder or lightning. And neither does the crazier neighbor dog. I don't appreciate golf ball size hail. I don't like it when my doggie tracks in mud. I don't like it when my sump pump doesn't function properly. I don't like it when the driver's side windshield wiper just smears the rain instead of getting it fantastically like the wiper totally not needed on the passenger side. I don't appreciate no heads up when it starts to pour on my laundry hanging outside. I frantically tear it off the line to have it stop raining when I'm on my way inside and soaked. Bet the neighbors get a good laugh out of that each and every time (I hang out 99% of my laundry in the summer/fall).

I think I can handle the rain even after my list of dislikes. I have my winter sown seeds outside and they probably need a drink anyway. And if Mother Nature can get rid of this snow any my guest. Even if it keeps me up at night. No biggie. Do you like a good storm? Or are you a run for the basement person? I won't judge. I have a couple VERY close family members who are the latter and I just giggle.  One who I happen to live with. ;)

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