Saturday, July 30, 2011

DIY cute and easy manicure decals!

I am always looking at those cute little stickers found by all the nail polish. My daughter is always asking for them. I'll admit I'd like to get some, but I tell her that it's silly to buy these when you can make cute little flowers for free at home. She hates how frugal I am. I love it. I like to think of it as creative with my money. Not cheap. How do you make cute little flowers, Chelle? Glad you asked.

Go get it:

- Nail polish in two shades.
- Wooden skewer (shish kabob style ) or toothpick.

Go make it:

First, paint your tootsies in your favorite shade. Are you like me and still have nail polish from high school? No? Well, never mind then ;) Make sure it's really really really dry before proceeding with the next step.

Next, Take a small amount of your second shade and put a dab of it on something you will toss. This is your little paint palette per se. My paint palette happened to be a corner from the disposable diapers package. Hey, I'm all about reusing household items!

And then, grab your skewer. If you are using a toothpick break it in half and file down the flat end. Dip the flat end in your second polish. Put four dots on your toenail in the shape of a flower. These are the petals. I guess you could try three or five, but I've only tried four.

Let the dots dry for about 10* seconds. Then take the sharp end of your skewer or toothpick and drag the center of each 'petal'toward the center of your flower. Now instead of just some dots you have a cute little flower. *If you wait too long your petals won't look to petally, but just like a dot with a little line in it. The polish needs to still be a tad wet so it's tacky. This pulls the polish into more of a flower petal shape. Capiche?

Now go show your friends. :)

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