Tuesday, May 29, 2012

FREE Tide PODS sample for Vocalpoint members.

Quick! If you are a member of Vocalpoint you'll want to head on over to their site as they are offering samples of Tide PODS. You'll get one sample for you and one to share with a friend. And maybe if we're lucky we'll get some coupons too! I can't wait to see how these arrive. Vocalpoint is so creative when packaging their samples. Absolutely loved the reusable straw with the International Delight Iced Coffee coupons. Sometimes I think their packaging is quite wasteful. Very cute, but a little on the excessive side. That's why I was stoked to see a reusable straw! Up top Vocalpoint! If you are not a member it only takes a minute to join. Unsure of what Vocalpoint is? It's an online community for women/moms who love to share their opinions and learn about products from other women/moms. You are able to share your honest opinion with Vocalpoint and it's members. There are polls, surveys, focus groups and a weekly newsletter sent to your inbox. It's a lot of fun. I heart samples and coupons and bet you do too. So go on and join.

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