Tuesday, June 5, 2012

SUPER CHEAP Pull Ups at Walmart!

Lookie lookie what I got for only $22.91!! These are ringing up for only $8.97 at select Walmart stores. Note: they will not be marked this price. At my store the sign said $24.94. Pair this with the coupon for $2/1 in the 5/20 SmartSource insert or here and you have an AWESOME deal. I don't usually shop Walmart all that often. I won't get into that. I saw this deal floating around the web and thought I'd check to see if any of my local stores carried these special boxes of Pull Ups. Well, sure enough. One of Appleton stores about 15 min away did. Now I did a quick internal argument to see if it was worth risking a trip all the way there to find out they were really out of stock or not even ringing up for this price. Well, I was a little bored so wasting gas won. Glad it did! Thanks for the heads up Hip2Save!

*I price checked these in the baby department at one of those price checkers and it said to ask an associate. She checked on her hand held checker and did a double take. Yup. $8.97. She said "That can't be right." So I grabbed 3 and got my behind outta there. :)
*They have to be the Pull Ups with the Potty Timer. They are promotional.

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