Monday, June 25, 2012

Thank you Pinterest: No shucking required microwave corn on the cob (SILK FREE!)

Someone pinned this super cute video of Ken cooking corn in the microwave. What's so special about that you say? He doesn't shuck it before cooking it and then before your very eyes pops it out of the husk. Wait for it.....................SILK FREE! No lie.

First let me say that Ken is so stinkin' cute. I want him as my grandpa, :) Okay, back to the corn. I've done this process a few times and have a couple pointers for you.

1. Basically you microwave an ear of corn for 3-4 minutes. No need to wash or husk the ears. I did remove the brown silk on the end a little as my first batch kind of made a mess in my microwave.
2. Remove from microwave immediately when done cooking. CORN WILL BE HOT! If you wait for it to cool the ear doesn't slip out of the husk as well. Lesson learned from experience.
3. Cut stem end of corn. Make sure you remove enough or, again, it won't easily slip out of the husk. I remove about an inch of actual cob. Don't count the stem as part of your inch. Just the cob. I felt like I was wasting quite a bit, but if you want this trick to work this is a must.
4. Squeeze the uncut end and TA DA the corn will just slip right out of the husk. You might get a stray piece of silk, but this is amazingly handy for doing small batches of corn. I cooked four at a time no problem.
Note: I read somewhere to cook four ears for roughly 10 minutes. So I tried that and it worked great. Half way through I flipped them.
Look at all that silk still in there. This means it's not on your corn!

Wanted to show you the results. There were three stray pieces of silk.

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