Friday, July 20, 2012

Cheap diapers at Babies/Toys R Us!

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If you like those cute little jean diapers do I have a sale for you! Head on over to the Babies/Toys R Us website and check out the store brand Baby Blues Diapers. They have the big boxes on sale for $9.98. That breaks down to about 10 cents a diaper. That's a stock up price in my book. This price is for the size 3 and will go up with larger sizes. If you really stock up and spend $75 you qualify for free shipping or you can order online and pick them up in store for free. I haven't tried these so I can't say if they are a quality diaper. I'm pretty picky when it comes to my kid's diapers. I tried Walmart's brand a few years ago and didn't care for them. I LOVE Walgreens store brand. I also pretty much like Aldi's store brand. And they are the best price by far. Let me know if you are already a fan of these Baby Blues diapers or not so much a fan. I'd like to hear your take.

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