Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Look what I found at Shopko!

I was at a summer shindig and spotted the deviled eggs. I mean who doesn't? But it wasn't the eggs I was ooing over. It was these cute little holders. They were these gorge purple holders similar to the one pictured above. Full of deviled eggs cut in half in a whole new way! Not the old school long way, but a new and updated short way. 

I totally spaced and forgot to ask my friend where she got them. I figured I could find them easy peasy on the internet. Um no. I didn't know what they were called. When you get to the store sites you can't really type in the search box deviled-egg-holders-that-look-like-egg-cartons.  I had a harder time finding this than I thought.  I searched every store known to man. It so didn't help that I had no idea what they were called.

Finally found them at Kohl's for around $20. WHAT?! Check out the little guys up there that I found at Shopko for half that price. They are on clearance right now for $3.99 each. That comes out to half price of the big brand name ones at Kohl's. No pretty purple color, but these will do. Go check out your local Shopko to see if they have these. Clearance may be regional and vary at your store. Please share your favorite deviled egg recipe. I have been on the look out for a southwest recipe. Yum! 

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