Sunday, October 17, 2010

How does your garden grow? Part 30: End of season gardening.

This is my final 'How does your garden grow?' post. I will continue to do a weekly seasonal post, but it won't be garden talk. It will be anything that pertains to the season. I have posted before about what the next steps you should be taking to get your yard, garden and houseplants in shape, but it's now or never as the ground will be frozen soon here in NEW.

It is time to let your Christmas Cactus dry out between watering. Also, place in a cooler spot than it has been in all summer. This will allow the flower buds to set properly in time for your guests to ooo and ahh.

Plant spring/fall flower bulbs now. If it seems like a huge chore you can put off the fall bulbs until spring, but make sure to take care of them as soon as you can work the ground. It is best to get them all done this fall for good root development.

The Brassicaceae family (cabbage, brussel sprouts and the like) do well after a light frost. You don't want them frozen, but the taste will be accentuated by a frost.

Fertilize your houseplants for the last time until Spring.

Dig up bulbs that need to dug up (dahlia, gladiolus, cannas, etc.).

Wait to add mulch for the winter until the ground has frozen.

After your Mums are spent mound up the dirt around the bottom and cut back stems. You can mulch after the ground has frozen.

Garlic should be already planted or planted soon.

I hope you enjoyed the series of gardening posts. It has been a great 30 weeks. I enjoyed sharing my knowledge along with learning quite a bit as I went along. Gardening is definitely one of my passions. I hope you continue on with me every Sunday as I bring to you a seasonal post that will include recipes, fun activities, decorating ideas and much much more.

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