Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm still here.

I have been extremely busy the last couple of days as it was my Punkin's birthday party this weekend. It was great. We heart Halloween over here so that was the theme. Sorry I didn't do Piggly Wiggly ad match ups, but I had to decide what was more important. I have to add that my family was great and contributed a great deal. Love you guys! Everything went smooth and now it is back to my normal schedule.


Wisconsin Mommy said...

Hey - that's why we all do this, right? Because it gives us the freedom to concentrate on the important things like family! Happy birthday to your Punkin!!

Gina (bunnynugget) said...

Ha-Ha! Pumpkin, Halloween! How Punny!

The NEW Mommiez Blend said...

It's funny, though, I have always called him my Punkin or Punkin Pie since he was born. I say it so much that I have a hard time saying pumpkin insteasd of punkin lol. I feel like a big dork when people catch me saying punkin instead. :)