Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How do you take your coffee?

As you may know by now.....I heart coffee. Probably as much as I like to recycle ha ha. The big debate is do you flavor your coffee?

Some think that you are bold and mature if you take it black. I think it tastes horrible that way, but that is just me. Some think you might as well order some foo foo frappe or cappuccino if you like a lot of cream. I am not here to judge. Sometimes I'm feeling extra strong and light on the cream. Sometimes I want almost a milkshake lol. I have to say most of the time I prefer Hazelnut creamer (I think Coffee-mate is best, but will use another brand in a pinch.) Or during the fall season I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pumpkin Spice. That there is some good stuff.

I have been invited to be a member of the Coffee-mate Brew Crew which is right up my alley. Occasionally I may share your responses with Coffee-mate. This is to better serve you by letting Coffee-mate get to know the real coffee drinker in you. By sharing I just mean that Coffee-Mate may take a peek at your responses here on this here post. So tell  me, how do you take your coffee? Are you brand loyal? Do you like something different in the morning than at night? Do you even like cofee? Ha ha. Anything goes.


Holly said...

MMm, coffee. It is my best friend!

(And what perfect timing that you won my coffee giveaway huh? :o)

Jessica-MomForHim said...

I don't like coffee, but hubby drinks it every morning. He adds a scoop of my homemade hot chocolate mix to his coffee to make it a mocha. It keeps the Starbucks bill way down (to almost nil!). He does like the occasional McD's mocha, though, especially on road trips.

I will drink cappuccinos from the gas station. I call them "gas capps"! Otherwise I just drink tea or hot chocolate.