Sunday, December 5, 2010

Seasonal Sunday: To theme or not to theme? That is the question.

We put up one Christmas tree tonight. It's a smaller fake one and I hate that it is fake. It was going to be tossed out by a family member and I just couldn't see that happen so it's mine now. I am not a fake tree person, but that is not what this post is about. :)

Do you theme your tree? I like a theme. I feel like it makes my department store-esque tree better than yours. No, I'm kidding. But, I love taking out ALL of the ornaments and and searching for color coordinating bulbs, bows and other bobbles. I love having people comment on my overly coordinated tree. I feel bad that some think theirs isn't as nice. Just because it's the fun loving mish mash of every family ornament since 1972 instead. I rock those trees too. It's just that I love tedious. The kids prefer those to my anal red/gold, clear/silver/mirrored, green/red, green/white, white/green/red, silver/gold, all gold, all green, etc. etc. LOL. Want to know how anal I could be? I hate that some of my bulbs have silver tops (where you place the hook/hanger) and some are gold. I have to let some things slide....

So tell me, do you theme your tree (okay, I'm going to admit to you that every time I say 'theme your tree' I feel like I should be saying 'pimp your ride' instead. Or tree in this case!)? I can't decide what route I am going to take with our other REAL tree that will go up soon. Am I the only crazy out there that thinks this is a thing? Amuse me. ;)


Gina (bunnynugget) said...

Our tree is not themed at all. We have the rainbow lights and ornaments from who knows when! My mom used to decorate the trees at steins when she worked there, but she never did the decorating. My friend growing up, HER mom was OCD over the Christmas tree. They had a great room, so a 20ft. tree. She would spend like weeks decorating! I mean, it did look pretty, but the holidays were almost over by the time she finished! Although there is a debate over whether we should use garland or tinsel... We ALWAYS have a real tree though. Why? Because we sell them! We sell trees, and wreaths, and grave sprays!

Jenn @ Beautiful Calling said...

Growing up we had colored lights and a wish mash of store bought and home made decorations! Loved it.

As an adult, I have to admit I do look with extreme admiration at those glossy, themed and matching trees with a slight bit of covetousness but...

Our tree has all white lights (because it's pre-lit, one we bought after discovering I am allergic to real trees) but that is where the theme ends.

The littles love it and so do I!

(but I'd love to see a pic of your themed tree when you make it..)

The NEW Mommiez Blend said...

I don't want you guys to think I'm all high and mighty with my trees lol. They are not quite department store trees, but a lady can try. If I had gobs and gobs of money to throw away on ornaments and to rent a storage space I could pull it off! I do have issues with buying 75-90% off end of season decorations. Maybe there's a support group for that lol. It's not really that bad. I didn't buy any last year. Maybe I'll post a pic of my tree when it's done. And if you are really good I'll share a pic of the tisk tisk fake tree. ;)It's hard to take pics of trees. Either all you see is lights or just ornaments during the day. We'll see.