Thursday, December 9, 2010

There has been a loss in the family. Sort of.....

Now before you ask for memorial information don't be too alarmed. The family member I am referring to is my Toshiba Satellite Laptop. Yes, you read that right. My laptop.

My two year old son murdered my computer. It wasn't premeditated, but more of manslaughter. Okay, that sounds really mean. He was being his total two year old self and reorganizing my fridge. What a guy. So as I was deal searching I set my laptop on my couch. I didn't want to shut it as I then have to type in a password blah blah blah. I go put my fridge back together. As I am walking back into the family room I witness the crime go down. He trips over the power cord. Laptop falls to the floor (I could have swore this happened in slow motion). Toddler toddles over laptop stepping on LCD screen. It appeared to melt before my eyes. The whole right side just turned all black and pixely and lack there of.

I stood there in horror. I couldn't really yell at him. I was mostly to blame. This wouldn't have happened to a closed laptop. Oh my poor baby (the laptop). What a short life you lived. I don't really consider it a part of my family, but it sure helped me learn how to save lots of money. So here I sit typing on my hubby's crummy netbook. My fingers are almost cramping from the tight specs. The keys aren't in the same spot and the space bar works when it wants to. I am soo sad. If I want to use a life size pc I need to go down the basement and use the desktop. Ugh! That means when the Punkin is napping or in bed. My hubby uses this netbook during the evening hours while he watches tv.  

Thanks for listening to me vent. I try not to vent so much on this here blog, but this has me down. We don't have money for this, but I am in no rush to buy one now. If I come into some money I'm buying a Kitchen Aid food processor. I'll just search less for deals and maybe not get all the crazy cool coupons that can come and go so fast.


Brandy said...

I really feel for you. I get very attached to my computers. You get it all set up the way you like it. And you are so used to the set-up. Maybe Santa will get you a new one for Xmas?

Karla said...

Sorry! That stinks. : (