Thursday, February 3, 2011

Got Milk? There's more than just milk in there.

I love milk. I always have. It pairs so well with many foods. Certain ones come to mind. I have to have an ice cold glass with my Chili and it is a must with chocolate cake. I am not a dipper of cookies, but it looks like fun. Now the part that worries me is that there is more than just wholesome milk in that glass. There are unwanted hormones, antibiotics and more gross things. What happened to just milk?

There is a good reason that Canada and Europe ban all use of antibiotics and hormones in milk. These contaminants could raise the rate of certain cancers, cause early puberty and resistance to doctor prescribed antibiotics. The FDA recently raised concern about this, but got pushed into a corner by the dairy industry to stall testing. Their claim is how wasteful and costly dumping the tested milk would be. Then there could be recalls as well. Why not just test it and be done with it so we know?

Now I pretty much grew up in farm country. I didn't live on a farm, but if you drove 2 minutes out of the city there they were. Quaint barns that needed a little work with cows in the pasture. I don't have anything against dairy farmers. Some of my friend's parents were and still are dairy farmers. I'm not saying don't drink milk. I'm just raising awareness to the what ifs. That's me. I'm a worrier. I also like soy and nut milk. I worry about those too.

The least we can do is buy hormone free or organic or non-genetically modified milk. I will be honest and say I cannot afford to buy organic milk unless there is a sale. It runs at least $6 a gallon around here. For our small family we go through a lot of milk. I don't know much about about raw milk so mum's the word there. I'm all about reading labels. Don't believe commercials or what the box, can, bag or jug tells you. Read the fine print. Don't be afraid to ask questions. I'm no doctor nor farmer, but a concerned consumer.

Do you mind what's in your food or are you more concerned about how it looks and the texture, etc? This question may come off more accusing than just curious. I am not trying to be accusing. I love me some egg salad on junky white bread too. It just tastes better on that squishy, stick to the roof of your mouth white stuff. What can I say? I'm human. I know many adults and children these days are all for the latter of my question. One of my kids wants yogurt without 'chunks.' Chunks? Are you kidding me? That is called fruit. And God forbid I make homemade yogurt and put real whole frozen raspberries from our garden in that. That's beyond chunky. And real chicken on the bone gets eews and yucks from this same child. Meat is not supposed to have bones or veins according to her. Um, okay. Don't eat then. Now I can't really have that attitude so the best I can do is explain what real food is to this child.

I know I am off topic, but in my opinion many people are too obsessed with eating pretty food versus what came from our Earth. I understand not liking to think that this steak was connected to a bone at one point and was a real living animal before it got to my plate, but that is the reality. My point is the less changed food is the better. Eat and drink more real. The end. I'll get off my soap box now :)  

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