Sunday, February 20, 2011

Seasonal Sunday: Oh the weather outside is frightful...

Oh my. What a snowstorm. For a split second I planned on planting my seeds in preparation of winter sowing my seeds. I had a spot all ready next to my house for them. Then I saw what was headed our way. No thank ya.

So what did I do instead? Laundry, some cooking, cleaning and crib shopping. I am not a huge fan of winter so I didn't go anywhere that might require a use of the 4 wheel drive. I don't care how big my truck is. I don't like winter driving. I had a pretty bad accident a few years back so winter driving gives me panicky chest pain.

Are you ready for winter to be over? I am. Those nice warm days gave me the bug to put away all of my winter decor and pull out my swimsuits. Ha ha just kidding about the swimsuit part. My huge pregnant behind is not going near a swimsuit for a looong time. So tell me.  Is this snowy, wintery thing we have going on here your thing or not? Try to convince me to love these nice long WI winters. :) PS, I have lived in NEW most of my life so it may come as a shock that I dislike winter.

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Liz said...

By the ways, congrats on the pregnancy! So exciting and getting so close!

I am also ready for spring to get here. This winter has been a long, hard one and I am ready for some consistently nice weather. I can't wait to get outside and play!