Sunday, March 6, 2011

Seasonal Sunday: Spring Cleaning....

Ugh, spring cleaning. Really? I already feel like all I do is follow my two tornadoes around the house on damage control. Is it really time to get down to the nitty gritty and REALLY get our clean on?

I think I am having a hard time getting the house in order because (get ready for a slew of excuses....):
  1. I am getting really BIG and pregnant and even just sitting causes me to breathe hard and feel beat.
  2. I am one of those anal, gotta do it right organizers/cleaners which can in turn overwhelm me into  putting it off or not getting it done at all.
  3. I'm in an end of winter slump. I'm just kind of down lately and could use a sunny 80 degree day.
  4. My house is always under construction. There is always a layer of drywall dust here or there. There are always boxes of flooring or lighting or insulation or screws or whatever EVERYWHERE. I am so over DIY. It is hard to keep the house clean more or less and I have to get into spring cleaning under these conditions too?
  5. My belly sticks out so far that doing the dishes has become a challenge. It hits the counter and I have to bend over so far to rinse the dishes. And my dishwasher has been a decoration since the day we moved in here. And it is not a priority to buy one any time soon. Hmmph. And I really should take down all of my wine glasses and china to wash off the dust. I think not. ;)
Oh am I a total whiner or what?! How can I get motivated? I know I will sooner or lately. It helps for me to crank up the music and just get going. Even if my ankles swell to the size of an elephant's. Ha! Have you started spring cleaning? Is it a total chore or is it down right uplifting? I usually have a wonderful sense of accomplishment after tackling such tasks, but not so much right now.

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