Sunday, March 27, 2011

Seasonal Sunday: Stir crazy/nesting.

So I know this isn't really a seasonal thing, but on a long shot it is. Ya follow? It's okay if you don't. I am  going bonkers here. It is a combination of things. I am up. I am down. I want to be outside. I want to sleep decent. I want to clean/organize weird things. I don't want to clean/organize anything. I want to cook crazy elaborate meals. Even if my husband is out of town on business. Then I want to eat everything in sight. Then I feel forced to eat at times. I am losing my mind.

So maybe you didn't know, but I am 8 months pregnant. Out of 10. Don't get me started on the whole being pregnant for 10 months. I always grew up thinking it was 9, but 40 weeks is pretty much 10 months folks. I digress. I have not been too moody (as far as I know...), but just kinda gloomy the last couple months. I am not a real winter person so that may be it. I want outside! I want my garden and my flowers and long walks with the little man in the wagon and dog in tow.

I am hungry. Starving really. Well, not really. Starving in a just diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes and coming down with a bad case of carb withdrawl. Good thing I enjoy a good salad. For real. My craving for a few months was a iceberg wedge with French/Catalina dressing and cheddar cheese. Loaded with veggies too. Now I look at my salads like the sibling I don't want to have to drive to their destination. The diet is very similar to Weight Watchers so it's really not that bad. I just want me some chocolate cake. Instead I have to decide it's better to not eat once piece of cake as my whole dinner versus a salad, a low carb wrap, a glass of milk (who knew milk was a carb?!), apple and maybe some berries with whip cream. Grr. A month ago I totally would have eaten a HUGE piece of cake as my entree.

I am finally in the spring cleaning spirit. Or I'm nesting because I feel like the odd jobs I pick aren't really what I should be doing, but an urge that comes from deep inside. Today I flipped my mattress, organized my spices, cleaned the inside of my vacuum and delinted my stepdaughters comforter. Um, okay. I did do some normal things like laundry, cooked chili and did the dishes, but felt like I really wanted to be labeling things or getting something down from up really high. And couldn't wait for my husband to be home to help. Yikes.

As far as the cooking goes, I can't get enough recipes that include a list of ingredients I don't have on hand in my pantry. Now that may sound fine and dandy, but I keep an eclecticly stocked pantry. You need wasabi? I have it. Miso? What color is your desire? Dried ancho chilies? No problem. Three kinds of vanilla? Yup. But for some reason I feel the need to have to make all of these dishes that contain ingredients that make you wonder if you will ever use them again. And it's like an obsession lately. I can't seem to rationalize that I don't need these goofy items. My husband on the other hand could handle eating Hamburger Helper and frozen pizzas daily. Not I. Beef Bourguignon in on the menu sometime this week. With the hubbs or without.

I blame most of this on being the crazy pregnant lady. You do get a little crazy while pregnant. Some are goofy worriers and some eat and eat until they gain 80 lbs. Some read five kajillion parenting books to make sure they don't get anything wrong. Somewhere in there is me. This is baby number two so it's a little different than the first time around, but I still feel like I have a case of the crazies. I need to get outside. I need warmer weather. I need to relax. I need to hold my newborn in my arms. :) For now I cook and clean/organize funny things.

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