Sunday, November 14, 2010

Seasonal Sunday: LED vs. incandescent Christmas lights.

Are you thinking about switching over to LED Christmas lights this year? I was, but don't think I can swing it. I have seen some really good trade in deals, but still think that I would need too many sets to be able to work that in my budget. I was really tempted. The hubbs was even more tempted.

How do you know if it is a good move to make the switch? I would say first take a step back and decide if this is more of a want or a need. For us it was both. I would like to think that I was lessening my carbon footprint by using the LED lights instead of the energy gobbling incansescent lights we are currently using. I stumbled across this article about being in the same situation.  It is VERY informative. Check it out. Second, I would say if you don't need too many sets it may be a great investment. The bulb life (hours) is is supposed to be fantastic. And third, don't forget these aren't super lights. They still break and get tangled and aren't going to hang themselves. :)

We hang a lot of lights outside and in and one of my concerns was that the new LED lights wouldn't have that warm glowy look of the old style ones I am used to. I would like to still use my current lights. I hate to get rid of things that still have life in them. I am really picky and would not like the two clashing. The author of the article says to move them around to other spots in or on your house so they aren't clashing. Somehow I don't think this would fly with me. Maybe it's not that big of a deal to you. I have heard that are some newer, more expensive brands (Phillips comes to mind) that are advertising that their lights still have that old fashioned glow. Anyone have any proof? I'd like to know what your eyes are seeing on this. I also think the white/clear look almost blue. Anyone else?

I decided that we can see what end of the season clearance brings and next year's sales. They will only get cheaper with time. As much as I believe these are a better, greener alternative I can wait. I want an electric/hybrid car, but both of our vehicles are just fine for now. I think reusing and then recycling is a much better bet than running out and buying these new lights that are oh so tempting. What say you?

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