Saturday, February 6, 2010

FREE Sippy Cup from Juicy Juice.

If you sign up here for a membership to the Juicy Juice online community you can receive a free sippy cup as a thank you gift. You can pick the Guide To Your Child's Nutrition instead. How thoughful of Juicy Juice.  Here's a few things that makes me reach for this brand when shopping. First a good sale! I had to say that!! :) It's made from 100% fruit juice. That's important to me. A lot of juice drinks are just that. A drink with a splash of real juice. Mostly water, then sugar and then more sugar. Usually in the form of high fructose corn syrup. I'm not saying it's a bad ingredient, it's just in everything and I don't think that it is necessary. Every juice is naturally high in sugar. That's why I'm glad Juicy Juice doesn't add any. I also like that there aren't any artificial colors or preservatives. We don't drink a lot of juice in our home, but Juicy Juice is one of our top choices when we do.

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