Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Piggly Wiggly Deals 2/10-2/16

Here's this weeks deals for Piggly Wiggly. These prices apply to Piggly Wiggly stores in the Midwest. See if your store is included here. Don't forget to print out your Online Exclusive Coupons. This week's coupons (for my area) are for Food Club Ultra Paper Towels for $0.49 and Food Club Snack Mix for $0.79. You can use both coupons when you spend $10.

Note: I try to organize each product by the appropraite category, but the advertisement I am using sometimes puts products into categories I wouldn't. Hope you can easily navigate this. :)


SPECIAL: 14-oz. Oval - Select Racine Danish Kringles $4.99

SPECIAL: 18.25 to 19.5-oz. Package - Assorted Betty Crocker Cake Mix 5 for $5.00

SPECIAL: Fresh from the Bakery... 16-oz. Father's Table Cheese Cake $2.99

SPECIAL: 8-Inch - Double Crust - Strawberry Rhubarb or Cherry Pie $3.99

SPECIAL: 6-Count - Select Varieties Paczkis $3.99

SPECIAL: 12-Count Vienna or Silver Dollar Dinner Rolls $2.29

SPECIAL: Bolillo or Telera Rolls 3 for $0.99

SPECIAL: 24-oz. Baker's Basket Brownies $4.49

SPECIAL: 12-Inch - Valentine Message Cookie $7.99

SPECIAL: Featuring Cherry Almond 4-Count - Select Varieties Muffins $3.29

SPECIAL: 6-Count Holiday Cupcakes $2.99

SPECIAL: 10-Count - Select Varieties Jana's Cookies $3.49

SPECIAL: 24-oz. Loaf - Wide or Double Wide Brownberry Wide Pan Bread Buy 1 Get 1 Free

SPECIAL: 24-oz. Loaf - White or Wheat Country Hearth Split Top Bread $1.99

SPECIAL: 5-oz. Package - Assorted Food Club Salad Croutons $0.99
SPECIAL: 16-oz. Loaf Fresh Baked Italian Bread $1.49


SPECIAL: 30-Pack, 12-oz. Cans - Regular, Light or Ice Busch Beer $14.69

SPECIAL: 5 Liter Box - Select Varieties Franzia Wine $9.99

SPECIAL: 750ML Bottle - Select Varieties Yellow Tail Wine $5.29

SPECIAL: 12-Pack, 11.2-oz. Bottles Stella Artois Beer $13.39

SPECIAL: 12-Pack, 12-oz. Bottles - All Varieties New Glarus Beer $14.49

SPECIAL: 12-Pack, 12-oz. Cans 7-UP or Dr. Pepper 3 for $9.99

24-Pack, Half Liter Bottles Absopure Spring Water $2.99

6-Pack or 64-oz. Bottle - Orange Fusion, Black Cherry or Select Welch’s 100% Grape Juice $3.49


SPECIAL: Assorted Varieties Food Club Cereal 33% off

SPECIAL: Kellogg's Cereal - Selected Varieties 4 for $10.00

SPECIAL: General Mills Cereal - Selected Varieties 2 for $5.00

28 to 32-oz. Package - Assorted Food Club Pancake Mix 2 for $3.00

24-oz. Bottle - Assorted Food Club Pancake Syrup 2 for $4.00


SPECIAL: 5-oz. Can - In Water or In Oil Chicken of the Sea Chunk Light Tuna, 3 for $1.00 Limit 3

SPECIAL: 2.6 to 3-oz. Pouch - Light in Water or Solid Chunk or 5-oz. Can StarKist Albacore Chunk White Tuna $0.99

SPECIAL: 11-oz. Can Food Club Mandarin Oranges 3 for $2.00

SPECIAL: 10.5 to 10.75-oz. Can - Select Food Club Cream Soup 4 for $3.00

SPECIAL: 14.75-oz. Can Chicken of the Sea Red Salmon $2.99

SPECIAL: 6-Count Package - Assorted Mott's Applesauce, 3 for $5.00 when you buy 3

SPECIAL: 3.75-oz. - Assorted Chicken of the Sea Sardines 5 for $4.00

SPECIAL: 15 to 15.25-oz. - Select Food Club Canned Fruit 5 for $4.00

SPECIAL: 28 to 29-oz. - Tomato Sauce, Tomato Puree or Assorted Food Club Canned Tomatoes $0.99

18.6 to 19-oz. Can - Chicken Noodle, Chicken Wild Rice, Beef Barley or Assorted Food Club Chunky Soup 4 for $5.00

8.75-oz. Bag - Assorted Food Club Snack Mix 3 for $4.00

16 to 16.5-oz. Package - Assorted Nabisco Premium Saltines 2 for $5.00


63-oz. - Powder or 50-oz. Bottle - Assorted All Liquid Laundry Detergent 2 for $9.00


36-oz. Squeeze Bottle Hunt's Ketchup $1.69

16-oz. Bottle - Assorted Food Club Salad Dressing 2 for $3.00


SPECIAL: 8-Count Package - Assorted Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits $0.99

SPECIAL: 5.30 to 6-oz. Size - Assorted Dannon Greek, Light'n Fit or Fruit on the Bottom Yogurt 10 for $5.00

SPECIAL: 12-oz. Package - Assorted Crystal Farms Deli Sliced Cheese Buy 1 Get 1 Free

SPECIAL: Pillsbury Cinnamon or Crescent Rolls 3 for $4.98

SPECIAL: 32-oz. - Low Fat Yogurt or 4 to 8-Pack - Assorted Yoplait GoGurt, Yo Plus, Trix, Kids or Fiber One Yogurt 2 for $4.00

SPECIAL: 16.5-oz. Chub or 12 to 24-Count - Assorted Pillsbury Ready-to-Bake Cookies 2 for $5.00

SPECIAL: 45-oz. Size - Assorted Country Crock Vegetable Oil Spread 2 for $6.00

SPECIAL: 24-oz. - Original or Light Daisy Sour Cream $1.49

SPECIAL: 7.5 to 16-oz. - Select Smart Balance Spread 2 for $5.00

SPECIAL: Half Gallon - Skim or Chocolate Over the Moon Milk $2.49

SPECIAL: Gallon Dean's or Swiss Valley Chilled Orange Juice $3.69

SPECIAL: 2-Count or 7 to 8-oz. - Select Jimmy Dean Sandwiches or Breakfast Bowls 2 for $5.00

SPECIAL: 64-oz. Carton - Assorted, Chilled Food Club Premium Orange Juice 2 for $5.00

SPECIAL: 5 to 8-oz. - Cubes, Cracker Cut or Select Kraft Chunk or Shredded Cheese 2 for $4.00

SPECIAL: 1-lb. - Light Spread or Regular or Unsalted Land O Lakes Butter 2 for $5.00

SPECIAL: 16-oz. Container - Assorted Food Club Cottage Cheese 2 for $3.00


SPECIAL: Certified Angus Beef Boneless Rump or Bottom Round Roast $1.99 lb.

SPECIAL: Diamond Lean Beef Boneless Ribeye Steak $4.99 lb.

SPECIAL: 10-lb. Bag Only (Equal to $4.90 per Bag) Fresh Chicken Leg Quarters, $0.49 lb. sold in 10lb bag

SPECIAL: 11 to 23-lb. Average - Frozen - Self Basted Butterball Turkeys , $0.88 lb

SPECIAL: Untrimmed in the Bag (Trimmed: $4.99lb.) Whole Beef Tenderloin $3.99 lb.

SPECIAL: Farmland Fresh Preferred Natural Boneless Pork Loin Roast $2.49 lb.

SPECIAL: Certified Angus Beef Boneless Bottom Round Steak $2.49 lb.

SPECIAL: Farmland Fresh Preferred Natural Boneless Butterfly or Center-Cut Pork Chops $2.69 lb.

SPECIAL: 85% Lean - 3-lbs. or More Ground Chuck $2.79 lb.

SPECIAL: Farmland Fresh Preferred Natural Boneless Tenderized, Thin or Stuffed Pork Chops $2.89 lb.

SPECIAL: Sanderson Farms Natural - Family Pack Split Chicken Breasts $1.49 lb.

SPECIAL: Water Added - 10 to 11-lb. Average Cook's Ham Shank Portions $1.49 lb.

SPECIAL: Certified Angus Beef - Family Pack Lean Ground Chuck $2.99 lb.

SPECIAL: 85% Lean - Blue Ribbon Ground Chuck Burgers $3.49 lb.

SPECIAL: USDA CHOICE - Fresh Veal Blade Steaks or Roast $2.79 lb.

SPECIAL: Green Peak - 3-lb. Bag Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breasts $5.99

SPECIAL: 19.76 to 20-oz. Package - Select Regular or Heat’N Serve Johnsonville Brats, Chorizo or Italian Sausage $4.29

SPECIAL: 1-lb. Package - 85% Lean Honeysuckle White Ground Turkey Roll 2 for $4.00

16-oz. Packge, Farm-Raised Supreme Choice Talapia Fillets $2.99

8-oz. - Frozen Wild Lobster Tail $9.99 ea


SPECIAL: Fresh from the Deli... Carolina Sliced or Shaved Turkey Breast $1.99 lb.

SPECIAL: 1-lb. Package Scott Petersen Jumbo Franks $0.89

SPECIAL: 2.1 to 16-oz. Package Select Regular or Pre-Cooked Farmland Sliced Bacon 2 for $6.00

SPECIAL: 12-oz. Package Jennie-O Turkey Franks $1.29

SPECIAL: 12-oz. Package - Select Johnsonville Pork Breakfast Links or Patties $3.29

SPECIAL: 12 to 16-oz. Package - Select Cher-Make Stadium Style Hot Dogs, Ring Bologna or Summer Sausage $3.29

SPECIAL: 1.75 to 2-lb. Package Meatloaf, All-White, or Combo Jennie-O Turkey Pan Roast $3.79

SPECIAL: 29.30 to 42.72-oz. Package - Select Foster Farms Corn Dogs $4.99

SPECIAL: 18 to 20-oz. Package - Select Bob Evans Fully Cooked Dinner Entrees $5.99

SPECIAL: 24-oz. Package - Select Johnsonville Stadium Brats, Natural Casing Wieners Beddar w/Cheddar or Summer Sausage $6.29

SPECIAL: 14 to 16-oz. Package - Select Ball Park Franks 2 for $5.00

SPECIAL: 10-oz. Package - Select Farmland Deli Style Sliced Ham or Turkey 2 for $5.00

SPECIAL: 12-oz. Package - Select Carl Buddig Deli Cuts Turkey, Ham or Chicken 2 for $6.00

SPECIAL: 7 to 9-oz. Package - Select Oscar Mayer Deli Shaved Lunchmeat 2 for $6.00

SPECIAL: 6-oz. Package - Select Fully Cooked Oscar Mayer Chicken Cuts or Strips 2 for $6.00

SPECIAL: Select Varieties Badger Pit Ham $5.99 lb.

SPECIAL: Swiss or Sharp Cheddar Cheese $4.99 lb.

SPECIAL: 3 Wings, 3 Breasts, 3 Drumsticks, 3 Thighs 12-Piece Crispy Fried Chicken $8.99

SPECIAL: Select Varieties Certified Angus Roast Beef $7.99 lb.

SPECIAL: 12-oz. - Select Varieties Country Maid Dips $3.49

SPECIAL: Grandma's Chili $3.69 lb.

SPECIAL: Baked Beans or Sweet Bowtie Pasta Salad $2.99 lb.

SPECIAL: BelGioioso - 8-oz. Mozzarella Pearls $2.99

SPECIAL: 2.75 to 3-lb. - Cole Slaw, Potato or Macaroni Reser's Salads $4.99

SPECIAL: Pork Sausage Patties $0.99 lb.


3.5 to 3.75-oz. Package - Select Hungry Jack EZ Mashed Potatoes 5 for $4.00


SPECIAL: - While Supplies Last - Dozen Rose Bouquet $16.99

SPECIAL: Sensational Bouquet $12.99

SPECIAL: Love Notes Bouquet $9.99

SPECIAL: 4.5-Inch Mini Rose in Melamine $9.99


SPECIAL: 15 to 19.7-oz. Size - Super Cheese, Jack's Original or Half & Half Pizza 5 for $10.00

SPECIAL: Food Club Frozen Vegetables - Selected Varieties $0.99

SPECIAL: 8.4-oz. Package - Select El Monterey Beef, Chicken or Cheese Tornados $2.29

SPECIAL: 12 to 15-oz. Package - Select Banquet Popcorn Chicken, Nuggets, Patties or Tenders $2.79

SPECIAL: 2-lb. Package Food Club White Frozen Bread Dough 2 for $3.00

SPECIAL: 16-oz. Package Food Club Frozen Dinner Rolls $0.99

SPECIAL: 4-Count or 10 to 16-oz. - Select Birds Eye or Steamfresh Blends, Premium, Lightly Sauced or Seasoned Vegetables 3 for $6.00

SPECIAL: 8 to 10-oz. Size - Select Healthy Choice Frozen Entrees 5 for $9.00

SPECIAL: 2-Count - 10-oz. Package Food Club Frozen Pie Crusts $1.69

SPECIAL: 2-Count - 12-oz. Package Food Club Frozen Deep Dish Pie Crusts $1.99

SPECIAL: 15 to 16-oz. - Light Sliced, Whole or Sliced Food Club Frozen Strawberries $1.99

SPECIAL: 8-oz. - Assorted Food Club Frozen Whipped Topping $0.99

SPECIAL: 26.7 to 30.5-oz. Size - Assorted Tombstone Stuffed Crust or Jack’s Naturally Rising Pizza 3 for $10.98

SPECIAL: 28 to 32-oz. Package - Assorted Food Club Frozen Potatoes 3 for $5.00


SPECIAL: 24-Count Package - Arthritis Caplets or Tylenol Rapid Release Gelcaps $3.49

SPECIAL: 6-oz. Size - Assorted Aim or Pepsodent Toothpaste $0.89

SPECIAL: 3.5 to 14.2-oz. Bottle - Classic Conditioner or Head & Shoulders Shampoo $4.49

SPECIAL: 3-Count Package Dial Basics Bar Soap $0.99

SPECIAL: One Liter Bottle - Assorted Listerine Mouthwash $4.49

SPECIAL: 12-oz. Size - Assorted Axe Shampoo or Conditioner $4.99


4 to 12-Count Package - Assorted Skinny Cow Frozen Novelties 2 for $7.00

48-oz. - Assorted Frozen Yogurt or Dean's Ice Cream 2 for $5.00

7-oz. Can - Assorted Food Club Aerosol Whipped Cream $1.69


100-Count Package Food Club Reclosable Sandwich Bags 2 for $4.00

15 to 50-Count - Assorted Food Club Premium Plastic Plates, Cups or Bowls 2 for $4.00


SPECIAL: 12 to 16-oz. Package - Select Food Club Pasta $0.99

SPECIAL: 24-oz. Jar - Assorted Rinaldi Pasta Sauce, $0.99 Limit 3

SPECIAL: 12-oz. - Yolk Free or 16-oz. Package - Assorted Food Club Egg Noodles $1.29

SPECIAL: 6-Count Package of 7.25-oz. Boxes Food Club Macaroni & Cheese $2.99

SPECIAL: 40-oz. Can - Macaroni & Beef or Regular or Mini Food Club Beef Ravioli 2 for $4.00

SPECIAL: 8.5-oz. Size Simply Asia Noodle Bowls 2 for $5.00


18-oz. Jar - Orange Marmalade, Apricot or Food Club Strawberry Preserves 2 for $3.00

18-oz. Jar - Reduced Fat, Creamy or Crunchy Food Club Peanut Butter $1.49


34 to 37.5-lb. - Fit and Trim, Purina Little Bites Indoor, Purina Dog Chow or 16 to 18-lb. O.N.E. Dry Dogor Dry Cat Food $18.99


SPECIAL: California Dole Cauliflower $0.69 lb.

SPECIAL: Hothouse Grown Tomatoes $0.99 lb.

SPECIAL: Idaho Baker Potatoes $0.49 lb.

SPECIAL: Michigan or Wisconsin Red Delicious, Empire or Ida Red Apples 3 lb. 2 for $4.00

SPECIAL: Sweet - Ripe - 1-lb. Florida Strawberries, Sweet - Golden Pineapple or Imported - Jumbo Cantaloupe 2 for $6.00

SPECIAL: 9 to 12-oz. Package - Lettuce Trio, Premium Romaine or Green & Crisp Fresh Express Salads 2 for $5.00

SPECIAL: Pennsylvania Dutchman - 8-oz. Whole White Mushrooms 2 for $3.00

SPECIAL: Chilean - Large Seedless Green Grapes $1.99 lb.

SPECIAL: Imported - Tree Ripe Peaches or Nectarines $2.69 lb.

SPECIAL: Michigan McIntosh Apples $0.89 lb.

SPECIAL: Bolthouse Farms - 2-lb. Bag Baby-Cut Carrots $2.49

SPECIAL: California Broccoli Crowns $1.49 lb.

SPECIAL: Washington - Jumbo Anjou Pears $0.99 lb.

SPECIAL: Washington Pink Lady or Fuji Apples $1.29 lb.

SPECIAL: 3-lb. Bag Yellow Cooking Onions $1.49

SPECIAL: Bolthouse Farms - 1-lb. Bag Carrots $0.69

SPECIAL: Mann's - 3-Pack Romaine Hearts $2.29

SPECIAL: Kleen-Pak - 10-oz. Spinach $1.69

SPECIAL: California - Sweet - Seedless Jumbo Navel Oranges $0.89 ea.

SPECIAL: 10 to 16-oz. Package - Deli, Old Fashioned or Angel Hair Fresh Express Cole Slaw $1.49

SPECIAL: 12-oz. Package Mann's Broccoli Slaw $1.69

SPECIAL: Fancy Zucchini Squash $0.69 lb.

SPECIAL: Greenhouse Grown Red and Gold Peppers $1.99 lb.

SPECIAL: Organic 3-lb. Bag Braeburn Apples $3.49

SPECIAL: Organic 16-oz. Roma Tomatoes $2.79

SPECIAL: Tropical Mangoes $0.99 ea.

SPECIAL: Fresh Kiwi Fruit 2 for $0.98

SPECIAL: California Blood Oranges $0.89 ea.

SPECIAL: Hass Avocadoes $0.99 ea.

SPECIAL: Pennsylvania Dutchman - 6-oz. Portabella Mushroom Caps $2.99

SPECIAL: Extra Large Roma Tomatoes $0.99 lb.

SPECIAL: Fresh Bean Sprouts $1.39 lb.

SPECIAL: Fresh Bok Choy $1.69 lb.

SPECIAL: Bunch Cilantro $0.69 ea.

SPECIAL: 2.2 to 2.8-oz. Chiquita Apple Bites 10 for $10.00

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