Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Double points opportunity for My Coke Rewards members!

We pretty much stopped drinking soda at our house, but when we buy soda it usually includes Coke products. Coke is my husband's fave cola and we used to always have some on hand. Made sense to sign up for My Coke Rewards. If you are a My Coke Rewards member today is the day to enter codes. A little birdy told me that you will receive double points today.

I went on over and added a 20 oz. Coke bottle code and a 12 pack Diet Coke code that I had been saving. If your account is inactive for so long (I think it could be 90 days....???) you will have to enter a code to keep it up and running. I received 6 points for the bottle, but only10 for my 12 pack code. UPDATE: I did some digging and it is ONLY for Coke. Not diet, not Sprite or any others. Bummer. At least you know. Learn from my mistake. My email from My Coke Rewards states that you will earn double points 1/25 - 1/27. Some others are getting different messages. Might want to check your email just to double check.

If you sign up (I get nothing for this plug and am not affiliated in any way) you enter codes found on bottles and cases of soda. The codes can be found on these brands: Coca-Cola, Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Sprite, DASANI, POWERADE, Minute Maid, Fanta, VAULT, Barq's, Fresca, Pibb and Mello Yello. You then are rewarded with entries into sweeps (some are zero points), instant win games, free product coupons, donations to great causes,  prints from Snapfish, magazine subscriptions, help pay for gift cards/movie tickets/etc. and much much more. All for drinking your favorite beverages. Thanks Saving Green Mom!

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