Thursday, January 20, 2011

National Coffee Break Day!

The National Coffee Association created National Coffee Break Day 100 years ago today. There are scheduled events all over the country that you can check out here. You can also learn about the history of the coffee break(I was excited to learn that the working ladies supposedly started it in WI!), how to brew, how to store and much much more there as well. I'm in!

This was taken from the Stoughton, WI website: Way back in 1880, Stoughton's Coffee Street was having daily coffee breaks for coffee.  The citizenry,  being 80% Norwegian (100% on Coffee Street) just had to fit in some time of day to send a batch of coffee through their system between meals.  With the T.J. Mandt Wagon Co. going strong, it became necessary for tobacco firms to hire women for the seasonal tobacco stemming.  The Gunderson Tobacco Warehouse at Main & Coffee Streets was ideal for hiring women because it was so near their homes that they could run home to check on their children, the house and see how the next meal was progressing.  With these chores done and a hot pot of coffee constantly on the stove, what was more natural than to have a cup?  So began today's coffee break - a few minutes to relax and refresh with coffee. 

Here are some online happenings:

UPDATE: Gevalia will throw in a 12 cup stainless steel coffee maker and scoop when you order two bags of their coffee or tea. I believe the two bags go for around $15.
Organic Valley is giving away what they state as the world's best coffee maker on their Facebook page. While you are there don't forget to print a coupon for their half and half.

Eight O'Clock Coffee has a $1/1 coupon here.

Dream Coast Coffee is offering 50% off orders placed today. I don't see much info on this. No promo code or anything mentioned to verify.

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