Sunday, January 9, 2011

Seasonal Sunday: How long can this leftover fruitcake stay in my fridge?

I came across a great site devoted to food storage guidelines. It's called You can just pop on over there and figure out how long that buttermilk really lasts when it only lists the sell by date. Why do companies do that anyway? Like cooking from scratch with buttermilk isn't enough I have to go do my own research to not get food poisoning. I digress...

I know I am not the only one who has crazy amounts of leftovers from the holidays. I'm sure that each tinfoil blob was something tasty at one point in time. That's how the hubbs takes care of leftovers. Which is an upgrade from just setting the food item in it's original dish/pan in the fridge (not covered mind you). Ugh. Thank goodness I am now the Pyrex Princess so I can see what each leftover is. If my husband can't see what it is he won't bother attempting to eat it. Even his own handy work. I tell ya. Pick your battles ladies. So to help you both out go check out this site. Here's one of my new favorite go to shelf life guides from there. It's quite handy.

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