Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Doubling your coupons at Pick N Save (Rainbow Foods/Copps)

My new favorite thing in the whole world is Double Daze at Pick N Save. Just ask my husband! The lovely Jessica over at Mom For Him has been my coach through and through. I used to be the timid you want me to do more than one transaction?! kind of gal. Now I grab that divider bar with gusto. Ha ha. Jessica has turned me into a my mind. I know she has been doing this a lot longer than I have, but it is almost a rush when you know that you are saving over 50% of what you used to go in there spending. I almost feel like I am cheating the system. I feel a tinge of guilt when the person behind me in line is watching my total go down down down. I can't ever tell if they are staring because they are annoyed that I have a handful of coupons and questions for the checker or if they are in disbelief that I have spent so little on so many groceries. I used to think that $30 would get me three bags of groceries. Now it fills my trunk. :) Go me. That's right. I just gave myself a pat on the back. You will too!

How does this whole Double Daze work? Let me share what I know with you:
  • Double Daze is only on Wednesdays. Every week.
  • You may double up to 5 eligible coupons in one transaction when you spend $25. This is after you have scanned your card, but before coupons (this is how you get your total way below $25 ultimately).
  •  You may double any mfr (manufacturer) coupons up to $1. This includes IP (internet printable) coupons.
  • You may not use IP coupons that say Free. Only 'real' paper coupons that say Free are allowed.
  • A store coupon can be redeemed with a mfr coupon for the same item. This is called stacking.
  • You cannot double BOGO (buy one get one free) or 'try me for free' coupons.
  • The first 5 coupons double. Plan ahead and put your highest value coupons on top of your stack. The checker isn't going to do any work for you and assume which coupons you want doubled.
  • Pick N Save's formal policy for doubling coupons that say 'do not double' is to not double them. If you are lucky your store will stray from this rule. So you should call ahead and ask the manager about your store's policy.
More tips: Rumor has it that reusable bags will get you .05 each. I haven't done this yet. I will keep you posted. Do multiple transactions to be able to double 5 more coupons per transaction. Bring a calculator with you just in case. Look for peelies (coupons peeled off of products). Have your trip all mapped out ahead of time so you know exactly what you need and don't have to sit and add up things as you go. This will reduce the stress factor! Pick N Save accepts Festival Foods coupons. Only the ones cut from the newspaper, though so be careful. Here's to saving!