Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Piggly Wiggly Deals 1/27-2/2 WI and Northern IL

WI and northern IL stores. Buy any 10 for 10 and get the 11th item FREE.

64 oz Old Orchard Apple Juice Cocktail Blends

18.5-19 oz Progresso Classic Soups

1# Bolthouse Farms Baby Carrots

Deans Ice Cream Pints

26-26.5 oz Hunts Spaghetti Sauce

Pepsi , Sierra Mist, Crush, Mug or Mt. Dew 2L

Farmland Jumbo Franks 1#

Food Club Pasta 12-16 oz

Oscar Meyer Lunchables 3.3-4.5 oz

24 oz Del Monte Ketchup

11-15.25 oz Del Monte Canned veggies

Patrick Cudahay Sliced Pepperoni 3 oz

Del Monte canned fruit 14.5-15.25 oz

El Monterey Twin pk Burritos

16 oz Deans or Swiss Valley sour cream or Dipzz

Food Club Frozen Blended Veggies 16 oz

Banquest frozen dinners

Del Monte Fruit Naturals 8 oz (by produce)

Pennsylvania Dutchman Whole White Mushrooms 8 oz

Food Club english muffins 6 ct

Food club cream cheese

Land O Lakes spread or margarine 7-16 oz

Chicken of the Sea salmon or white tuna

Rice A Roni noodles or rice mix

Hunts snack packs pudding or gel

Chef Boyardee Pasta with meat

Food Club graham cracker pie crusts

Michelina's frozen entrees

Totinos pizza rolls 15 ct packages

Food Club cake mixes

Food Club sandwich or snack bags 30-50 ct

mangoes or avocadoes

Chiquita Fruit or Snack Bites (near deli)

Food Club toaster pastries 6 pk or popcorn 3 pk

Red Gold Tomato Juice 46 oz

Food Club Skillet Mixes

Hunt's canned tomatoes 14.5 oz

Valu Time coffee filters

Top Care Nasal decongestant tabs 18 ct.

Latex gloves

Food Club foam cups 20 ct

Food Club bleach 96 oz

Food Club oil 16 oz

Propel or Gatorade bottles

Food Club drinkable yogurt 10 oz

Snapps frozen appetizers 5.5 oz

Bounty Basic paper towel single roll

Bagels Forever (frozen)

Tony's Pouches, Crispy Crust or Microwave for One Pizza and Larry's Potatoes 5.5-10.42 oz

Old Orchard Frozen Juice 12 oz

Renuzit Adjustable air freshener 7.5 oz assorted

Smart Ones 6/$10

Connie's Thin Crust Pizza BOGO

Yoplait yogurt 10/$5

Doritos BOGO

Cheer or ERA liquid detergent or Bounce fabric softener sheets $3.99
(40-50 oz bottle or 70-80 sheets)

Mix or Match Quaker Items $1.89 sale price.

Hormel cooked ham from the deli 1.49/lb

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