Thursday, January 14, 2010

Frugal Options: Suave Professionals Shampoo.

I am always one for trying new products, especially if this product will save me money. In our household we have been using the Suave hair care line for quite some time. It's not the only line we use, but for the most part let’s just say that Suave spends a lot of time in our bathroom. I recently purchased the Radiant Brunette (pictured above right) on clearance at Pick N Save for $0.99 and had a coupon on top of that so it was almost free. You can usually find the Professionals line costing you roughly $1.99 and up depending on the sale running. This pricing is for the 14.5 oz. I have tried cheaper brands than Suave and really think that there is no comparison. Suave gets my vote. You can also get a pretty darn good deal all of the time at Haven't heard of Read more here to get acquainted. Suave also puts a lot of coupons in the Sunday paper inserts so keep your eyes peeled. Have you tried Suave? What do you think? Remember, lather rinse repeat! Well, actually to save money I wouldn't recommend it unless you dirrrty. Ha ha.

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