Friday, January 22, 2010

Pick N Save deals 1/17 - 1/23

I did pretty good at Double Daze. I managed to spend $1.18. I did two transactions. It's kind of a goofy scenerio as I had to return a big box of diapers which gave me a $20.99 store gift card. I'm counting this as free because the diapers were a gift. I noticed that Pampers jumbo packs were on sale for $8.99 and I had two coupons so it seemed a better choice to get the two smaller packs. I got both for $14.48. $0.23 a diaper isn't amazing, but not bad. I had a little fiasco with my coupons. Yikes! I forgot to give the checker one of my $1 coupons for the V8 Fusion to double so I took it to the service desk and they gave me the dollar, but didn't get it doubled. At least a different coupon doubled in it's place. And it made me 2 cents. And it allowed me to get free Butternut bread. And the checker didn't give me the milk Catalina right away so I had to bring that up to the service desk also. I'm sure that lady thought I was a little loopy. Oh well. Here's the best of my buys:
  • 2 pints of International Delight creamer-MONEY MAKER $0.10 on each.
  • 3 Hamburger Helper $0.58/each.
  • FREE gallon of Kemps Vitamin A&D milk.
  • FREE Yoplait Frozen Smoothie.
  • 1 loaf of Butternut 100% Whole Wheat Bread MONEY MAKER $0.02.
  • Pillsbury All Purpose Flour $0.98 down from $2.69. Thanks Festival Foods!
  • Did the buy 6 boxes of GM cereal and get FREE milk. I used 5 coupons and that took off $8 ($20.34 - automatic $10 - $8 = $2.34 for 6 boxes and gallon of milk. :) Would have been $1.34, but checker jumbled my coupons so one didn't get doubled only took off $1. Boo! Still a great deal. That averaged $0.39/box. And FREE milk.
The family was happy that I stocked up on cereals they liked instead of plain Cheerios for my baby. I can't resist a bowl of Lucky Charms once in a while. :) Don't forget to use stackable coupons (e.g those from the Sunday Paper- Festival Foods). That's how I managed to make $ on the loaf of bread and my flour was so cheap. And one last thought. Don't forget that I had a gift card that had $20.99 on it to replace the diapers, but only used $14.48 so that left $5.52 to use as I pleased. And I'm spent. Did you get any great deals?

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