Friday, July 9, 2010

Keeping your cool.

Golly it's been heating up around NEW lately. And then add some humidity. Oh the joys of summer. I love it hot, though. I would definitely take 80 degrees over snow and ice any day. Is your central air running? Ours is. I try to keep it around 73 degrees. The hubby comes and turns it down to 68 and I slowly turn it back up to 73 when he's not looking. Hee hee. Most of the time he doesn't notice. It's a mind over matter thing here people.

There are many other ways to keep it cool in your home this summer. I follow many of these practices. Here ya go:

- When it's beautiful and sunny fight the urge to open all your shades in the morning. The shining sun heats up your home. If you have blinds you could turn them facing up so you are still letting light in, but the sun isn't heating up su casa.  You could also invest in some light reflecting film for the west and east facing windows. Ya know...sun up sun down.
- Turn off the lights! When the lights are off you feel cooler.  It's for a reason. Have you ever burnt your hand on a incandescent (regular old light bulb) bulb? Yeh, it's because they are H-O-T! I say switch to CFLs or LEDs. They might cost a bit more at first, but last forever and don't put off any heat.
- Don't turn on that oven or stove! Make easy cool foods. Sandwiches like BLTs or your other fave easy to throw together sammies, salads (my go to salad right now is spinach with strawberries, red onion and goat cheese in a red wine vinaigrette mmmm), or if meat is on the mind use your toaster oven, crock pot or grill.
- Wear breathable clothing. And less. The hubbs loves it when I tell him to take his shirt off. And my little Punkin loves nekked time. He usually only gets it after a bath, but I can compromise. :) Use silky sheets instead of light blankets to sleep.
- Go take a cool shower. If you are feeling really green save water and take a cool shower with the hubbs. Although, this may make things hotter....
- You could have fun with spray bottles. Fill spray bottles with water and set the nozzle to spray barely a mist and pick your target. Ready? Aim. Fire! It's not enough water to flood the house, but still silly and fun and will cool you off. Especially if there is a fan running nearby.

Hope these idea help you stay cool this summer. We are really going to have to put these ideas to use as we are on vacation right now and there's no AC.

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Rose said...

Great tips on keeping it cool. Drawing the curtains when the sun is on the house helps.