Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sorry there will be no Save A Lot specials or Piggly Wiggly deals today.

So sorry, but there will be no Save A Lot or Pig ad match ups this week. I am on vacation. Weeee! :) In place of ad match ups I will be scouring trashy gossip magazines. In place of my laptop is a board game. And this week's shopping highlights are probably happening at the local bait shop or amish store. There will be no wi fi or coupons. Just campfires, swimming, fishing and sunscreen. I love everything up north. Except our state bird....the mosquito. I would like to shoo (in a good way!) you on over to Rose Knows Coupons. She happily does ad match ups. She would love for you to come and say hello. Be back soon.

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