Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Free Knife sharpening at local Piggly Wiggly stores.

I just got the heads up that the Little Chute and Kaukauna Piggly Wiggly stores will be offering free knife sharpening to customers. I am stoked as this was my suggestion!! I was all excited to hear right from the PW staff in my inbox. I am a nerd! This will fall on the same day as their 1-Day Meat Sale Thursday (LC location) or Friday (Kaukauna location). I will keep you posted with any updates or exclusions. Can't wait as my knives could use a little TLC. Hopefully when the flyer comes tomorrow it says more about it. Yay!!!

Look look look! I am so pumped. This was my idea and I am happy to share with you this awesome offer. Piggly Wiggly in Little Chute and Kaukauna are having their 1 Day Meat Sale (Not my idea hee hee. Keep reading!). LC is on Thursday, April 8 and Kaukauna is on Friday, April 9. 7 AM-7 PM. To view the specials go here. Now this is a pdf file, just to let ya know ahead of time. You can bring in your favorite knives (we all have our fave go to knife!) and get them sharpened while you shop. You must make a meat purchase to get your knives sharpened. Limit of 3 knives per customer. Any questions contact either of these stores. :)

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