Thursday, March 18, 2010

Save A Lot specials 3/17-3/23.

Here is this week's Save  A Lot specials:
  • Ground Beef (Family Pack) $0.99/lb. (Anywhere between 8-12 lbs.) Best price around that I can find. If worried about fat content hold out for Ground Chuck to be on sale.

  • Assorted Pork Chops (Family Pack) $1.49/lb. Center cut chops $1.89/lb.

  • Ground Turkey $1/lb.

  • Icelandic Haddock $4.99/lb. sold in 5 lb. boxes. Normal price around grocery stores right now.

  • Chicken Thighs (Family Pack) $0.69/lb.

  • Deluxe Mac & Cheese/Shells & Cheddar (think Velveeta Shells & Cheese) $0.40/1 coupon on their website.

  • Bananas $0.33/lb. Best price around that I can find.

  • Idaho Russet Potatoes (10 lbs.) $1.99 Not the best price.

  • Spinach (9 oz. bag) $1.50.
(Anyone know why my bullets are doing this every once in a while?! )
Visit Save A Lot's website to see more deals. The deals posted above are local to me, but may not be local to you. :) There are also great printable coupons on their site. Some aren't even specific to Save A Lot. Don't forget to enter the sweepstakes to win a $5,000 Visa gift card. Enter once per day through March 31. Click on the Smart Selections logo. Bring your own bags/boxes to save yourself some $ as Save A Lot charges your for bags, but you can use any of the boxes available for free. Save A Lot accepts cash, check, food stamps, credit and debit cards and WIC.

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