Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A mostly successful week of shopping.

I went to Save A Lot, Target, PNS and Piggly Wiggly this last week. Here's the highlights:

Save A Lot: I scored 10 lbs. of ground chuck for $12 and some change. I bought four packs of boneless skinless chicken breasts (averagaing 1.30 lbs.) for $8.78. One dozen eggs for $0.99. One gallon of skim milk for $1.89. Bananas (1.92 lbs.) for $0.63.
Piggly Wiggly: Our family made three trips to the Pig this week. Two trips were frugal and one was not. :(   The highs were four packs of Oscar Mayer for $5.96 and I received two Catalinas for $1 for a future visit. So in essence the bacon was only $3.96. That's $0.99 a pack for name brand bacon! I used one Cat on a package of strawberries. They were on sale $3/2. I got them for $0.50. I bought two packages of Crystal Farms cheese and paid $1 for each.
Target: I was in need of baby wipes so I ran to Target because there were some other stings I needed. Up and Up wipes big refill packs were marked $3.84. I grabbed 3. There happened to be some peelies on other products so I grabbed two for $0.75/1 wipes. Sweet! I also had a coupon from a magazine I get for $1 off when you spend $3 in Up and Up brands. $9.02 for three packs of wipes. I also picked up two Johnson and Johnson Bath Buddies for free with coupons. They normally run $0.97 at my Target. I had two $1/1 coupons. I also bought some Seventh Generation disinfecting spray. It was $1.99 and I had a Target coupon for $1/1 and stacked it with a mfr. coupon for $1/1 so it was $0.99. I like using this on my babe's toys and highchair.
PNS: I don't usually go to PNS more than once a week. That is 99.9% likely to be on Double Daze. This week had awesome deals in their Super Savings booklet. So I went yesterday to check it out a bit and couldn't help, but buy some stuff since I had more than one booklet. Quaker oatmeal was free. I had a mfr. coupon. Gold Medal (5 lb. bag) for $0.23. Also had a mfr. coupon. Kemps gallon Vitamin D milk for $2.39. Michigan Jonathan Apples (3 lb.) for $0.98. Ragu Pasta Sauce for $0.98. I got Snickers (Mars) Candy Bars (6 pk.) for $1.98. Roundy's Large Eggs for $0.78. Tostitos $1.43. I also had a mfr. coupon. Even better deals on Double Daze!

Today starts a new week of shopping. I really count my weeks Wenesday to Tuesday as my Pig ad comes out today and it's Double Daze. Here's to a good week of shopping!

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