Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Save A Lot Anniversary Sale 2 days only 3/11-3/12.

There are some really good deals at Save A  Lot this week. Some are normal prices and some aren't amazing, but check them out:
  • Ground Chuck Family Pack $1.19/lb. Great price. On sale last week for $1.69.
  • Boneless Country Style Pork Ribs Family Pack $1.29/lb.
  • Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.69/lb.
  • Pork Butt Roast $0.99/lb.
  • Fairground Hot Dogs 20 oz. pack $0.50.
  • Pork Sausage 16 oz. package/$0.99.
  • Orv's Tasty Toppings Pizzaz 5/$9 ($1.80)
  • Shoestring Potatoes 20 oz. package/$0.50
  • Bananas $0.33/lb. Best price around.
  • Asparagus $1.49/lb. This is a great price.
  • Navel Oranges 4 lb. package/$2.
  • Strawberries 1 lb. package/$2.
  • Idaho Potatoes 10 lb./$1.89 Not the best price.
  • Peaches/Plums/Nectarines $1.39/lb.
  • Dozen Large Eggs $0.99. Good price. These are on sale a lot lately for this price everywhere.
  • Save A Lot Gallon Milk skim, 1%, 2% $1.89
  • Angel Soft 12 roll package $3.33 A great stock up if double rolls and paired with coupons.
  • Pepsi 2 liter bottles $0.99.
Visit Save A Lot's website to see more deals. The deals posted above are local to me, but may not be local to you. :) There are also great printable coupons on their site. Don't forget to enter the sweepstakes to win a $5,000 Visa gift card. Enter once per day through March 31. Click on the Smart Selections logo. Bring your own bags/boxes to save yourself some $ as Save A Lot charges your for bags, but you can use any of the boxes available for free. Save A Lot accepts cash, check, food stamps, credit and debit cards and WIC.

Okay, So I just got back from Save A Lot and there's tons of Ground Chuck. The average pack size is 10-11 lbs. The Angel Soft is NOT double rolls so I didn't get any. If you turned them into double rolls it would come out to be the same as other top brands for a 12 double roll pack. I also forgot to highlight above that the chicken breasts were a great stockupportunity! I got 4 packs. I tried to keep mine just over a pound so easy to grab for recipes. No splitting up meat like I am about to do with all of that beef!

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Jessica-MomForHim said...

There are some good deals there--all the meat, the bananas, and the milk, too! At Aldi it was over $2 a gallon this week.

As for the eggs, I've noticed that close to Easter every year the price drops a lot on eggs--a loss leader so a good time to "stock up" (as much as you can for eggs, since they are perishable). But have a lot of egg-y dinners that month! Breakfast for dinner (like eggs or french toast) is always fun, and you can make egg casseroles, too.