Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Grandparents Day! Fun project for the kids.

To celebrate the amazing grandparents in our family we made this cute flower project. It's real easy and the grandparents will probably give you cookies for all of your hard work. :)

Trace as many hand prints as you want for your 'flowers' on your favorite color paper. Cut out. Take a pencil or pen and curl back the fingers to look like petals. Wrap palm of hand print/flower around your straw and glue to attach. If you don't have green straws (like we didn't) cut long strips of green paper and roll into tubes that resemble a stem. Glue them shut. I want to note that this was quite a task. My vote is for green straws next time. I could have used tape, but felt that it wouldn't have looked as nice. After your stems have dried glue the flowers/hands to them. Let dry. Arrange nicely in a vase or you can create a vase out of construction paper too. We made the bow, but that project is for another time. We never remember to take step by step pictures of the bow making process. This project cost me zero dollars as we had all of the supplies lying around the hosue. Happy crafting!

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