Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Piggly Wiggly run. 17 items for $4.93!

I just had to go to the Pumpkinfest! Early in the morning we bought 10 pumpkins. Yes, 10. They were all gone when we went back in late afternoon for some other deals. You can do something similar too. Read on.

10 boxes of Totino's Pizza Rolls (15 count) $0.99 each. These qualified for the buy 10 General Mills items and receive and instant $5 off. So it quickly went from $9.90 to $4.90. I then used two $1/2 coupons from the Totinos website and I had three $0.50/2 coupons from the Totinos website, but found a better coupon right next to the pizza rolls! It was a blinkie for $0.55/2. Hey, $0.15 is $0.15! So I held onto my other coupons and used these instead. This brought my total down to $1.25. The hubbs loves instant freezer food as much as I love to recycle. ;)

I also picked up some random items. One loaf of Piggly Wiggly bread for $1. One bag of carrots (1 lb.) for $0.79. Crab Classic Crab for FREE using a $1/1 coupon from the Crab Classic website. Three packs of Ramen noodles on sale for $0.20 each. Curry powder for $1.29. Do you smell a recipe coming on? I also used one reusable bag that didn't take off $0.05 LOL. I tried. Cashier Brandon did not. That's ok, he was very friendly.

I purchased 17 items and spent $4.93. Not bad. Not bad. If you see my husband tell my husband it won't hurt him to eat more fruit and vegetables. We'll work on the Dirty Dozen at a later time. Your turn to go grab some savings!

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