Sunday, September 19, 2010

How does your garden grow? Part 26: Ready to winter over your flowers?

More like how does your garden stop growing? LOL. My Geraniums are definitely on their way out. I haven't had the heart to put them in the garage and start their ugly looking process toward next year's pretty flowers. Today I finnally got the courage. My rule is that I cannot put up my fall decor much less the Halloweeny stuff until my flowers go inside. What? Don't red and pink Geraniums go with orange pumpkins?

Geraniums are pretty hardy so they could handle a light frost, but not most other flowers. Like my Begonia should come in very soon, but it is still outside because it is so pretty. Well, that and it's yellow and orange. :) Remember this little guy? He was the tiny, hardly noticeable pot in this picture on my post about wintering over your flowers. Actually, it's only half of the plant. One of my tubers broke right after it established good new growth. So this is really only one of two Begonias.

First, you should place your pots in the basement or garage before a frost. Then remove the excess dead stuff. After about a week put them down your basement (if you had them in the garage) in large enough garbage bags. Keep them right in their pots. Read more here. This saves lots of money each year. Try it out.

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