Monday, May 17, 2010

$1 flip flops at Old Navy this Saturday.

Stop by your local Old Navy this Saturday the 22 of May. They will be selling their flip flops for $1 each. That's a better deal than my local dollar store will give me! A little birdy told me that if you don't want to be stressed out by the crowds (have you ever tried to go into an Old Navy when they are having one of their amazing sales?! OMG!!) you can purchase your flip flops now and then bring in your receipt the day of the sale and they will adjust the price and give you the difference. Now, I have not tried this so do so at your own risk. It's just a nice thought knowing you won't have to wrassle anyone to get that periwinkle pair you just have to have. There is a limit of 5 per customer. Just throwing that out there. I'm not a flip flop kind of gal so I'm not sure yet if this is a deal for me, but since I see everyone and their sister wearing flip flops I had you in mind.. :)

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