Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This week's shopping highlights.

I did my first Saturday Double Daze at PNS. It felt weird, but good at the same time. Brought out a little uneasiness for different reasons. I always feel a little anxiety when I check out. I'm not sure why. I always think that even though I have my transactions planned out to the T that I still goofed up somewhere.  So a Saturday Double Daze brought these fears out again. Since I know Saturdays at any store are a zoo. I was a tad worried. I didn't do two transactions as I felt I was spending enough $ in the first one.
Here's what I got at PNS:
- BIC razors for $0.50 (used $3/1 Q).
- 2 Sea Pak shrimp $5.98 (used 2 $1/1 doubled Q).
- Oscar Mayer Light Bologna was better than free (used in ad Q + $2/1 Q).
- Motts Apple Juice $0.98 (used in ad Q).
- Rinaldi pasta sauce $0.98 (used in ad Q).
- 2 Classico pasta sauces $1.61 (used a BOGO Q).
- 3 Kraft Meltdowns were better than free (used 3 $1/1 doubled Q).
- 1 loaf Roundy's bread $1.
- 2 gallons Roundy's milk (whole and skim) $4.27.
- 1 seedless cuke $1.
- 4 cans tomato paste $1.88
- $0.10 reusable bag credit.
Total spent: $16.64. Total saved: $37.19  %70 savings. Not bad at all.

Piggly Wiggly:
I had to make up a party platter with dip so I spent more than usual, but it's almost summer and this is going to be happening more and more. The best deal I got was for the pineapple $1.49, but I see at Aldi's this week that they are only $0.99!

Save A Lot:
I just picked up some cheese sticks for the hubby :) $1.29 and bananas $0.33/lb.

I just stopped in to pick up my free 8x10 collage. We gave it as a Mother's Day gift in a a frame. Did you get one too? I love taking advantage of deals like that.

Well, today starts a new shopping week for me, but I think I'm going to hit up PNS on Saturday because my little guy is sick sick sick, but we'll see. And I have to scope out the Pig and SAL flyer. Hope you had an amazing week of deals!

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