Tuesday, April 6, 2010

FREE sample of Suave Shampoo @ Target.

Looks like we killed it! Hope you got your sample! I'll try to keep you posted for future sample offers from Target. :)

Holy smokes! I didn't even know that Target had samples?! Did you? This must be a new thing. Over the last year I have really gotten into Target shopping. I used to think they were a little over priced. My impression has changed quite a bit. I mean everyone is over priced without a sale and coupons right? If you head on over to the Target website you can get this neato sample of Suave Professionals Shampoo. I use this tuff quite a bit without any complaints. I am definitely not a shampoo snob, but three are a few I refuse to use. I already requested my free sample. I am excited for Target to start samples. Who doesn't love something for FREE!?

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