Thursday, April 1, 2010

This week's shopping highlights.

Forgive me, but I am a little behind. That whole blogging fiasco has me just a little off. Anyway, here's the best of the best for this past week or so of shopping.

Piggly Wiggly: I bought a tub of Best Life Buttery Spread for $0.19 (All You April coupon). Two Easter cards for $0.58 (Pig takes 20% off American Greeting cards everyday. Plus I had a coupon for $1/2). Three cans of Hunt's tomato paste for $1.07. Bag of Fresh Express Romain salad for $0.94 (look for peelies on bag that need to sell before expiration date).

Save A Lot: Bananas $0.33/lb. Two packs of Light Cream Cheese for $1.38. Hamburger buns $0.99.

Walgreens: This week is the week of Dove shampoo and conditioner!! So far I have purchased 6 bottles. Nothing crazy like I hear some people doing, but adding to my stockpile nonetheless. I managed to roll the RR into another purchase once. Then that perk was over the next day. So I scored 6 free bottles in essence. I still have $8 worth of RR at home to use. I also got two bottles of honey (reg. price $7.99) for $2.99. That is a stockupportunity for me! I bought three packs of Huggies swim diapers for an average of $4.32 ( I used two $3/1 and one $2/1 coupon). I'm not done with the Dove RR promo yet, but Wednesday starts a new shopping week for me :)

Shopko: Shopko has a great clearance one their Green Works dish liquid. I've been watching this price drop from $2.87 down to $0.89 this week! I thought it would drop slower so good thing I went back. Their supply is diminishing quickly. I'm going again tomorrow. Grabbed 8 bottles for $6.12. I had a ton of IP coupons and forgot they don't take them. What gives Shopko?! Do you live under a rock? I also got a free bottle of Windex's green version of multi-surface cleaner. It says it's on the Greenlist. Hmm. Actually I made $ on the Windex. So now I know Shopko gives you the overage. Sorta makes up for no IP coupons. I also bought a bottle of Palmolive Pure + Clear for $0.47 (priced $0.87 and had a $0.40/1 coupon). I got a bottle of Nature's Source All Purpose Cleaner for free plus overage ($0.94 and had a $1/1 coupon).  A bottle of Dawn Hand Renewal for $0.49 ($1.49 and had a $1/1 coupon). This price may drop in the coming days/week. I got water color paints to add to an Easter basket for $0.89. Bonne Bell Lip Smackers gift bag for $2.49. I snagged two of these. They each had 5 lip products in the bag! A pair of cute summer almost flats for $7 at Payless inside Shopko. A jumbo coffee cup for $0.99. Bonne Bell Lip Smackers Easter basket stuffer for $0.49. Set of 4 ice cream bowls in same style as coffee cup for $1.99. Set of 4 square plates in same style as bowls for $2.49. I'm waiting for the big place setting to get marked down further. Right now it's $49.99 down from $99.99. How low will it go?!

Apparently Shopko doesn't give you overage. Even though I was there two times in one day and the first trip they gave it to me. The second time the register beeped and we had issues. Grr. So Shopko just dropped down on my favorite places to shop ladder. This is one of my peeves for couponing. Between cashiers, managers and corporate....nobody really has a clue sometimes. So just assume no overage. If you are lucky and get it-great. I also want to add that I went to a different Shopko to see their selection of mark downs like I listed earlier. The Northland Mall Shopko's prices on their clearance are still quite high compared to the Kimberly one.

Festival Foods: 20 lb. bag of Purina dog food for $9.79. Tostitos for $0.98. 2 bags of Sun Chips for $1.96. 2 bags of Westpac frozen vegies for $0.96. Gallon of Festival Foods skim milk $1.48. Kemps sour cream $0.88. 2 bags of shredded cheese. $1.96.

PNS:  I was lucky to have had soo many of the Super Savings coupons books. I left trails of these coupons all over the stores! I was also handing them out to unsuspecting shoppers. They loved it like I was the coupon fairy. :) I bought more flour (in the end I think I got 6 bags. Hee hee.) for $0.99. More Tostitos for $0.98 and some were free on Double Daze. Two bottle of Nature's Source All Purpose Cleaner for $1.98. Ore Ida hashbrowns for free plus overage. Hormel Sizzlers for $0.78. Kemps gallon of Vitamin D milk for $1.39. Two Crystal Farms chunk cheese for $2. Two Rayovac 12 pk AA batteries for $4. That was a good deal! Two bottles of Green Works Bathroom Cleaner for $0.98. Imperial spread for $0.38. No Yolks for $0.25. Three pint bottles of International Delight creamer for $0.35. I got to use a coupon for $2 off from a checkout values promo so I counted this off of my creamer since I had coupons for everything else. Got a free CFL lightbulb again. I love those coupons! Last, but not least I bought two bags of Morton salt (40 lbs.) for $8. Good price for Morton at PNS.

Man I think that is all of it. Seems like I went above and beyond just highlights, but those were all such good deals I had to share! And I think I'm making up for lost time.....Well Wednesday starts a new week for me. Here we go!

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