Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Olsen's Piggly Wiggly One Day Meat Sale

Olsen's Piggly Wiggly in Green Bay is having a One Day Meat Sale on April 29. 6 AM - 10 PM. They also have Online Exclusive coupons. The VO-5 Shampoo and Rice A Roni are $0.49. See thier Facebook page or thier website. Here's what is on sale:

Olsen's FAMOUS One Day Meat sale! Don't miss all the great deals!

Untrimmed Whole Beef Tenderloins- $3.99/lb (in the bag)

7-10 Lb. Whole CAB Top Sirloin Butts- $3.99/lb (cut to order)

Whole CAB Top Sirloin Family Pack Steak- $5.49/lb

6-8 Lb.Whole CAB Sirloin Tip Roast- $2.49/lb

Whole CAB Sirloin Tip Family Pack Steak- $2.99/lb

CAB Boneless Ribeye or New York Strip Steak- $8.99/lb

85% Lean Ground Chuck Tubes- $19.90- 10 lb. tube ($1.99/lb!)

90% Lean Ground Round- $2.49/lb

Lean Ground Sirloin- $2.79/lb

Whole Pork Tenderloins- $2.99/lb

Baby Back Pork Ribs- $3.99/lb

Pork Spare Ribs- $1.59/lb

Family Pack Boneless Country Style Ribs- $1.49/lb

6-8 Lb.Natural Pork Boneless Center Cut Loins- $1.99/lb (cut to order)

8-10 Lb. Natural Pork Whole Bone-In Pork Loins- $1.59/lb

Family Pack Stuffed Pork Chops- $1.99/lb

Family Pack Whole in Bag Boneless Pork Sirloin- $1.59/lb

Family Pack Boneless Pork Sirloin Chops- $1.99/lb

Family Pack Boneless Pork Sirloin Roast- $1.79/lb

Tray Pack Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breasts- $1.79/lb

Sun Chef Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breasts- $4.99- 3 lb. bag

Chicken Leg Quarters- $4.90- 10 lb. bag ($.49/lb!)

Fully Cooked Oven Roasted Chicken Wings- $17.90- 10 lb. box ($1.79/lb!)

Johnsonville Brats- $6.88- 3 lb. box (Regular, Beer, or Italian flavor) $0.55/1 here.

Icelandic Haddock- $29.95- 5 lb. box ($5.99/lb!)

Hillshire Farm Half Hams- $1.99/lb

Ground Beef Patties- $22.90- 10 lb. box ($2.29/lb!)

Ground Chuck Patties- $24.90- 10 lb. box ($2.49/lb!)

Family Pack Olsen's Pre-Cooked Brats- $1.99/lb

Family Pack Olsen's Original Recipe Hot Dogs- $3.99/lb

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