Sunday, August 1, 2010

How does your garden grow? Part 20: Saving tomato seeds.

Instead of buying more tomato seeds next year I am hoping I can successfully save mine from this crop. Hopefully is the key word here. I know I can save hybrid seeds, but cannot guarantee the outcome. I know I can easily save my organic tomato seeds too. Here are a couple different techniques. I'm not sure I know which one I want to go with yet.

Here is a great short little video about saving tomato seeds using the fermentation technique. The author is Clifton Middleton.

Here is another great step by step tutorial without fermentation.

You can also go with the just set it and forget it method. Leave the seeds in their respective gel and dry on a paper plate, towel or wax paper. It's just harder to separate the seeds when planting time comes around. Remember-yellow is good-green is bad.

I also seem to think that wasting a perfectly good tomato for the sole purpose of taking it's seeds is absurd. :) Eat it first! It may be a chore to remove the little sections of gel/seeds, but who wouldn't want to eat the mater first? You could even just...long pause for added effect....spit out the seeds while eating.

 This will be my first year saving vegetable seeds. In years past I always saved flower seeds. I wonder why I didn't save vegetable seeds. Hmm. I think it's because I've always had volunteer plants. In addition to the regular volunteers this year (due to my compost pile) I got volunteer pumpkins. Really big :)! I'm not even sure what kind they are.

Do you have a great method for saving tomato seeds? Please feel free to share. Thanks!

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