Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I just paid $2.69 for 140 Pampers Cruisers diapers plus free shipping!

I am so happy about this you cannot believe. I attempted to get what I thought was a great deal at Target the other day and it was a complete fail. Even after two tubs of free wipes and a $5 gift card I was not a happy camper. Larger sized diapers are harder to find good deals for. I mean it was a decent price, but not even close to amazing like this. This deal is through Amazon. I could have gotten the Pampers Baby Dry size 4 for maybe $0.50 cheaper, but we like our Cruisers.

I used stackable coupons from Parents and Parenting magazines to get my diapers for $0.019 each ($0.10 each is my stock up price!). Amazon also has coupons that I was able to take advantage of. Thanks to the heads up Jeana gave me. Read her post here to do this yourself! I couldn't explain it better myself and didn't want to steal her thunder. :)

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