Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Piggly Wiggly run.

I went to Pig twice this week. Twice I bought red seedless grapes for $0.99/lb. I love it when they are crunchy and these fit the bill. I got Idahoan instant mashed potatoes for $0.62 each. I bought 6 packs. They were BOGO free. I tried to do the Taco Bell deal, but they were out of at least one item each time. Grr. Oh well. I don't care for mild taco sauce or salsa anyway. I like spicy spicy spicy. I stocked up on chunks of cheese. I bought five 8 oz.chunks for $1.33 each. I love how real cheese melts vs. pre-shredded. And I find that it is cheaper in the long run. I bought 8 Yoplait Whips for $0.125 each! Yay. Don't usually buy Whips, but for this price who could pass it up? I snagged a tall bucket or vase type container I'm going to use at the cemetery for $0.50. That was like 90% off. I bought a bag of precut broccoli for $0.59. It had a $1 off peelie on it because it needs to be used soon. These were found up by the deli where they sell cut veggies and fruit. Last, but not least I bought some of the Reser's macaroni salad. Got it for $1.99 (3 lbs.). You still have time to go get these deals. Our local stores ad goes Wednesday to Tuesday. I know some stores are Thursday to Wednesday too. Don't forget your green reusable bags to save $0.05 and avoid those annoying plastic bags. Want to see my ad match ups? Go here. Happy shopping.

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