Saturday, August 7, 2010

One more Pick N Save run....

I couldn't help myself. If I can get an unbelievably amazing deal on something and donate most of it I am one happy girl. I had to go do the Unilever deal one more time. I just got back.

Now before you go rolling your eyes. I waited until this late on the second Double Daze so other people had lots of time to go get these deals. I am not the type of person to go wipe out the stock on any product no matter how good the sale. That's just rude to the customers and employees. It's Saturday night, anyway, so a new sale starts tomorrow morning.

I bought 10 bottles of Western dressing in assorted varieties. I use these for all kinds of recipes. Go check out their website to find some good ones. I also bought two more packages of the split chicken breasts for $1.28/lb.

I spent $8.35 and saved $30.13. I used one reusable bag too. I also received a Unilever Catalina for $5 OYNO. :) Anyone want to share your favorite Western dressing recipes?

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