Thursday, August 5, 2010

Want to let Walmart know how you feel about using coupons?

Take a very short survey about your coupon use at Walmart here. This takes less than one minute. Maybe this will ultimately fix the coupon drama that unfolds there. I haven't even used IP coupons there. I've heard too many horror stories so I just avoid the hassle. Maybe it would be great. Who knows. Every time I try to ask a cashier a question so I'm prepared for next time they seem to be clueless. Or I get the feeling they aren't 100% sure in their response. This is half the reason why I rarely shop Walmart. I have had much success to my local Walgreens, Pick N Save, Target and Piggly Wiggly. For now I will stick with what works. Any coupon stories you want to share from Walmart? Good or bad. Thanks for sharing the survey A Thrifty Mom.


Anonymous said...

I've never had a problem using coupons at Walmart (Fond du Lac, WI), even the ones I print from the internet.

Pick N Save (Fond du Lac, WI), on the other hand, has been horrible to deal with as far as coupons. They wouldn't accept 'buy one get one free' or internet coupons. It's one of the reasons I very rarely shop there anymore.

The NEW Mommiez Blend said...

Oh really? See, I should just go into Walmart and use my internet coupons. I think I am just afraid they will turn me down and there I will be torn as what to do. I'd feel silly telling them I didn't want anything I couldn't use my coupons for. I like to hear good things about Walmart. :)

Too bad about your PNS. Mine is wonderful. They do not accept internet BOGOs anymore and I'm ok with that. They take almost any other internet coupons, though. My Piggly Wiggly is cracking down on internet coupon use too. More rules. I understand, though.