Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Piggly Wiggly run.

Woo doggy! I ran to Pig today and did the Kellogg's deal where you buy 10 and you get a $10 OYNO (off your next order) coupon. I always feel kind of guilty just going to a store to get only their deals, but it is what it is.

2 boxes Rasin Bran
4 boxes Pop Tarts (we rarely buy these, so they should last us until the expiration date of 2011 lol)
2 boxes Kellogg's fruit snacks (again, the last time I bought these was when I was preggo. All I craved was fruit and then it turned into a craving for fruity candy and fruit snacks. I'm also not liking that the first ingredient is corn syrup. At least it's not high fructose....)
2 boxes Cinnabon bars

Here's the coupons I used:
One $1/2 Rasin Bran from 7/25 RP
Two $1/2 Pop Tarts from 7/11 RP
One $1/2 Cinnabon bars from Snackpicks
Two $1/1 Kellogg's fruit snacks from Redplum.

I also used two reusable bags to take off $0.10. My total came to $10.97 and a $10 OYNO Catalina/coupon printed. :) If I can scrounge up enough coupons I will do this again. I can always donate it to the food pantry.  After all is said and done I paid $0.097 for each item after the Catalina. Looks like the Cat expires in two weeks. You can go do this deal too!

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